11 ways SEO proxies could harm your ranking

 2017 Dec 28th

As we have mentioned in other articles, using private proxies for SEO without a clear strategy will not help improve your rankings. You must have a clearly defined strategy with actual steps that you need to take in order to improve your ranking. Moreover, not using private proxies correctly could even harm your SEO rankings and actually can lead ... Read More »

5 ways to make seo proxies effective

 2017 Dec 27th

As a webmaster, ranking and maintaining a website in the top positions of SERP is not an easy task. Every aspect must be thought through if you plan on developing and maintaining a website. And if you want to use SEO proxies to rank, you must take into account certain aspects. Because using private proxies for SEO will not guarantee better ... Read More »

5 methods classified ads proxies can make you money

 2017 Dec 27th

Here we are in 2018 and one marketing channel that is here to stay is ad posting on classified ads websites. And if you are planning on making some extra money this year, then you can actually start making them with the help of classified ads proxies and websites such as Craigslist and other similar to it. How are classified ads proxies used ... Read More »

When private proxies are needed to built tools

 2017 Dec 22nd

Private proxies are not just an anonymity tool, they are also used by entrepreneurs in developing tools, products and services that can be later on monetized. In this article, we are going to talk about private proxies and how entrepreneurs can implement them in certain tools. Before we start, it is important to understand that private proxies are ... Read More »

How to use SEO proxies to recover a drop in traffic

 2017 Dec 21st

Everybody thinks of using SEO proxies in a sandboxed context. For example, everybody thinks that SEO proxies are used only to improve a website ranking from a point 0 to a point 1. However, often times, you will need to use your SEO proxies to recover your traffic after a drop due to either rankings or local improvements and changes in the ... Read More »

How to use SEO proxies to make money

 2017 Dec 20th

How you ever considered how you can make money if you learn a new skill or develop a new product? We are certain you considered this at least once in your lifetime. Therefore, in this article we are going to show you how to make money, or at least start thinking on how to make money by developing a tool, such as a web scraper and use SEO proxies ... Read More »

How to audit Instagram proxies usage

 2017 Dec 19th

Marketers love Instagram proxies and the power these virgin proxies offer their marketing campaigns. However, Instagram proxies use needs tweaks in order for marketers to improve their success rate and increase their profitability. Therefore, we have decided to show in this article what to track and how to measure the success rate of an Instagram ... Read More »

You're losing money by not using private proxies

 2017 Dec 16th

We are going to take a different approach and talk about the ways in which you are losing money by not using private proxies. Private proxies are a privacy tool that offers anonymity, however, by using them in certain ways, you can also improve or increase your website’s revenue. And by not using private proxies in certain circumstances, you are ... Read More »

Social media proxies vs vpn - the battle of social media marketing

 2017 Dec 13th

To eliminate any confusion arising for those who want to start social media marketing and automate their accounts, we are going to show the main difference between social media proxies and VPN use. In this way, by reading this article, you are going to learn to identify and recognize the main advantages of social media proxies over virtual private ... Read More »

How to use SEO proxies to make your competitors SEO irrelevant

 2017 Dec 13th

Search engine optimization, even when using SEO proxies, is a zero-sum game, especially for those websites fighting for the first positions in SERP. One website’s gain comes at the expense of another one and so on. Therefore, it is important to understand your competitors' backlinks and try to improve your SEO score as much as possible. ... Read More »