Marketers love Instagram proxies and the power these virgin proxies offer their marketing campaigns. However, Instagram proxies use needs tweaks in order for marketers to improve their success rate and increase their profitability. Therefore, we have decided to show in this article what to track and how to measure the success rate of an Instagram proxies campaign in order to increase later profitability.



Why do you need to audit Instagram proxies?


As mentioned above, the main reason is to improve profitability. However, another reason for which marketers need to track their Instagram proxies use is to protect their accounts from potential flagging as spam or blocks by the social network.



Can you forget about auditing?


Of course, you can ignore auditing and automate your Instagram proxies use and accounts. They will work just fine for a limited period of time. But once something happens to your Instagram proxies or your accounts, you will not know how to measure the feedback, not to understand what really happen. And the worst part is that you will not know how to adapt and avoid any issues in the future. Therefore, when using Instagram proxies for your accounts, always measure as many aspects as possible. Let’s see six aspects that you can track right away.



1. Determine the engagement rate of your accounts


Apart from the scalability of your setup, the best thing about using Instagram proxies is that the sample rate is higher. So instead of tracking and testing one account, you can easily track the results of 30 or 100 accounts.


And one aspect you can monitor and determine is the engagement rate of your accounts. You can track anything as likes and comments. Therefore, you know how to adapt in the future and improve both the engagement rate of your accounts connecting through Instagram proxies and as well as your profitability.



2. Identify what content creates engagement


Not only that you must determine the engagement rate of your accounts, you must also identify what content generates the best engagement rate.


Luckily, if you are using Instagram proxies and managing several accounts, you can easily track and identify the best content. Moreover, if you have doubts, you can easily roll tests on a couple of accounts and monitor the response. You can do this if you manage several accounts through Instagram proxies.



3. Measure Instagram proxies blocks


Unfortunately, if you automate most of your accounts and the limits are too high, you risk triggering accounts blocks and Instagram proxies blocks.


You need to measure Instagram proxies blocks and tracks the proxies you have blocked. In this way, you can even identify if certain IP ranges are more prone to blocks. And if so, you can ask your private proxy provider to allocate Instagram proxies from other IP ranges.



4. Identify any accounts blocks and the reason behind it


Identifying blocks is not enough. You must also identify any reasons behind the blocks in order to not make the same mistake again in the future.


Once you have identified these issues, you can also ask your proxy provider to issue new Instagram proxies IPs for the accounts you have blocked.



5. Determine the follow back rate


This is a great aspect you should determine when tracking your Instagram proxies use. You must pay attention to the follow back rate and even identify any niche, areas or account types that have the higher follow back rate.


As a rule of thumb, a decent follow back rate is around 20%. This means that for 100 accounts followed, your Instagram proxies accounts will gain 20 followers.


This is why you should track your follower back rate. You must pay attention to the follow back rate. Because if you follow account types with a lower follow back ratio, your marketing campaign will suffer. And even if you buy Instagram proxies and use more accounts, your marketing accounts profitability and success rate will suffer.



6. Identify new potential niches through Instagram proxies


With the help of Instagram proxies, you can test also potential new features and potential new niches. For example, with a few Instagram proxies, you can set your accounts to follow and develop a following in a new niche.


Thus, in a limited period of time, you can gauge the potential of the new niche. And make sure there is enough potential to start a new marketing through your Instagram proxies.

 Tuesday, December 19, 2017

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