When gaming proxies are used

 2017 Sep 30th

Why would anyone use gaming proxies for their gaming experience? A proxy will spoof your real location and might slow your connection. So, there is no benefit in using a public or private proxy server for gaming. However, there are two major situations in which using proxies for gaming is imperative. In these two situations, one needs gaming ... Read More »

Buy social media proxies for marketing this black friday

 2017 Sep 30th

Black Friday is a selling craze. If you are a marketer, you probably think of ways of getting onboard this craze. One way of getting exposure to Black Friday and profit from it is to buy social media proxies, develop social accounts and promote to the largest audience you can reach. While social media proxies will not help you sell on Black ... Read More »

How social media proxies are used by marketers

 2017 Sep 29th

The term social media proxy is heard quite often in the online marketing world. But what are social media proxies actually and how are they used by marketers? At first, they might look like any other proxies. If you buy one, you will get an IP, PORT and login details. However, these proxies are a safer bet than regular ones. Marketers buy them for ... Read More »

3 ways private proxies are used by companies

 2017 Sep 27th

Some of the great beneficiaries of private proxy use are companies. Big and small companies can use private proxies in many ways. Depending on their business needs, they can buy private proxies to protect themselves, expand or develop products and services that are used through private proxies. In this article, we are going to present three ways ... Read More »

Buy ticketing proxies for attend your favorite event

 2017 Sep 23rd

If your group of friends is busy and the task of buying tickets to your favorite artist's concert or event is your duty, you might encounter some issues. At first, you will notice that ticketing websites are restrictive. Depending on your location, you will not be able to connect to certain ticketing websites. And even if you connect to them, you ... Read More »

Classified ads proxies beginner's guide

 2017 Sep 22nd

In the last decade, local and classified ads marketing has seen a big chunk of their business taken away by online marketing. However, marketers can use online marketing to gain an edge and become again relevant at a local level. This can be achieved with the help of classified ads proxies. With these proxies, marketers can scale their operation ... Read More »

Shopping proxies buying guide

 2017 Sep 21st

It might sound strange enough but for shopping proxies, almost anybody needs a buying guide. Even if shopping proxies are just another type of private proxy packages, their purchase needs to take into account a few factors. First, anybody looking to buy shopping proxies must consider the websites or online platform where these proxies are going to ... Read More »

What are SEO proxies and how to use them

 2017 Sep 20th

For anybody involved in the online business and marketing world, ranking high in search engines results is a must. A high SERP (search engine results page) ranking can be achieved with the help of SEO proxies. And depending on webmasters technical skills, SEO proxies can be used both with automatic tools or manually in browsers. In this article, ... Read More »

How to buy Facebook proxies on IPLease

 2017 Sep 14th

This is a simple guide that you can use in your quest to buy Facebook proxies for your projects. IPLease is a user-friendly, intuitive website, but if you need further guidance on how to buy Facebook proxies, read this article.     Do you need private proxies?   The first question that many people disregard in their buying journey is if ... Read More »

When to buy dedicated virgin use proxies

 2017 Sep 14th

A private proxy provider's offering is overwhelming for those looking to buy proxies for the first time. There is always the risk of not choosing the right proxies for the required tasks. And sometimes, this risk can endanger a project's life span. While some online projects can just go by using shared proxies, other projects require the use of ... Read More »