In the last decade, local and classified ads marketing has seen a big chunk of their business taken away by online marketing. However, marketers can use online marketing to gain an edge and become again relevant at a local level. This can be achieved with the help of classified ads proxies. With these proxies, marketers can scale their operation and marketing reach, attract new customers and increase their conversion rate. In the following part, we are going to discuss what are classified ads proxies. How can one use them and where. Moreover, at the end, a simple example will be presented for those still unaware of how simple and effective a marketing campaign through classified ads proxies can be.



What are classified ads proxies


Classified ads proxies are private proxies used for posting on websites like Craigslist, OLX, Gumtree, Locanto, Amazon or Ebay. These proxies are virgin proxies, meaning they have never been used before, thus the marketer can safely connect accounts to post ads on the above-mentioned websites.


While some may argue that any proxy can be used to post on ads or ecommerce websites, the truth is that only classified ads proxies can be truly used by a professional marketer. This is because of one particularity of these proxies in the private proxy's world.



Classified ads proxies' particularity


Even the virgin status of these proxies is negligible in comparison with their main option. The main advantage presented by classified ads proxies is the option to select each proxy's location.


Most proxy packages come with proxies allocated from various locations across United States and Canada. Yet, classified ads proxies are the only ones where the proxy's IP location is important. Thus, the option to choose the proxies locations.


This is a handy option for marketers looking to use their proxies for local marketing in their urban area. For example, for someone looking to perform local marketing in the Miami area, a Phoenix, AZ proxy's IP will be useless. If the marketer wants to use his proxies to post on the local Miami's Craigslist subdomain, he will not be able to use the Phoenix proxy because Craigslist, will redirect the homepage to the Phoenix, Arizona one.



Where to use classified ads proxies?


As mentioned previously, classified ads proxies are mainly used for classified ads and ecommerce websites. Moreover, they can be used on any website with a local marketing element. However, most proxies are used on either Craigslist or other local area classified ads websites such as Gumtree in the United Kingdom.



How to use classified ads proxies


Some marketers will look to use their proxies with an automatic ad poster. However, most classified ads proxies are used manually. They are implemented in a browser, usually, Mozilla Firefox and the ad posting and management is performed manually.


Classified ads proxies are used to post several ads from the same area for the same item. Thus, increasing the reach of your ads and the chances of conversion. However, the better exemplify how classified ads proxies are used, we are going to demonstrate with a simple example.



Craigslist proxies – a working example


Let's consider a boat seller from the Los Angeles area. He is selling his boats and mini-yachts on Craiglist. However, the ads websites do not allow the user to post multiple ads for his boats. Limiting the number of ads to one per each boat.


But by starting using Craigslist proxies, the boat seller can scale his operation and increase the number of ads posted. This can be simply achieved by posting multiple ads through proxies. Each proxy, with each individual IP, gives the marketer the option to post one more ad per proxy. Thus, with 5 Craigslist proxies for the Los Angeles area, the boat seller can post 5 ads for the same boat. Thus increasing the chances of a faster sale.



A minor consideration for Craigslist and classified ads proxy users


While posting multiple ads on Craigslist with the help of classified ads proxies is a simple to perform action, one needs to be aware of certain things. For example, the phone number used for each classified ad posted needs to be unique. This is required for not drawing any attention or connection between accounts.


In this way, each posted ad is independent and ring-fenced from the other ones. Moreover, in case of an IP block or an ad is blocked, the other ads will remain valid and the seller will be able to continue his business.



 Friday, September 22, 2017

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