Your purchase of services providing access to and use of software products Proxies, provided by IP Lease (“IP Lease” or “We”) is regulated by this Refund Policy.
Please read it carefully before completing your order as it determines Your rights with regard to Your purchases.
By placing an order with IP Lease You agree to this Refund Policy.

By checking the “Refund Policy” box on the page on which You make an order to purchase / use the Services and clicking on the “I Agree” button, You are indicating that You have read, understand and agree to be bound by this Refund Policy.


In case You have technical issues with the software products proxies which cannot be fixed by IPLease support team, You may be eligible for a partial or full refund in accordance with Refund Conditions outlined below.

We are convinced that most of the refund claims can be avoided if You accept professional help from our Customer Support Center. We recommend contacting us for assistance if You experience any issues receiving or using our Services.

In many cases, latency, speed, Your ISP’s routing policy, packet loss due to network congestion, the actual distance between a proxy node and You as well as physical hardware restrictions and local firewall rules can influence Your experience with IPLease private proxies. For example We do not guarantee the speed of traffic / connection in case that You will use private proxies services as it’s obvious that You will experience speed loss when You connect to a node that is physically far away from You (e.g.You are located in India while connecting to a United States proxy).

How to claim Your refund

To claim Your refund login to Website and submit a support ticket at Our Billing Department.

Please note, that any actions made from your account are considered to be made by You personally. That applies to payments, refund requests and all other actions related to Our Services.

Please note, that all refund requests will be completed within 2 business days. Usually this is done within hours if it was requested during weekdays but payments may take up to 7 days to appear in your account depending on your bank, credit card or payment method used.

Refund Conditions

There is a 3-day guarantee (referred to hereinafter as “Refund Period”) where You can request a refund if You’re not completely satisfied with the Service. Refund Period begins on the date of payment for the appropriate purchase / order and expires on the last day of the Refund Period. The term may vary according to the payment method you used, bank regulations, etc.

Refund can be requested only by contacting our Billing Team

Refund can be issued to You if all the below conditions are met:

  • It is the first order made through Your account. Note, that renewals refund request shall be rejected.
  • It is your first refund request from IPLease (including for any other account NOTE: to have multiple accounts its against our policies).
  • You have used less 1 Gigabyte of traffic (total of upload and download activity through the IPLease service).
  • This is not Custom and upgraded proxy plan related, regardless of their type.
  • You did not use our services to create accounts on Instagram, Facebook or any other social media website.
  • You did not use our services to post / report / scrape CraigsList or any other classified ads website.
  • You did not use our services to purchase limited released shoes on nike or adidas, or shopping on limited release items on website like SupremeNewYork.
  • You did not use our services intensively for scraping purposes, google search, bing search, yahoo search and the services are blocked/banned.
  • You did not abuse our services with lots of threads.
  • You did not used our proxies with ticketmaster or any other ticketing related websites (ticketing proxies orders refund requests are rejected).
  • You did accepted the technical assistance of our Customer Support Center.
  • The refund is not claimed for personal reasons (e.g. “I’ve changed my mind”, “I’ve made a purchase by mistake”, “Proxies were not used” etc...).
  • No Internet access restrictions are applied by some countries (e.g. the Republic of China, the Republic of Korea, The United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Islamic Republic of Iran) as We cannot forecast nor affect those.
  • You have bought the Service on the IPLease Website itself with no third-party websites (resellers) use.
  • Your account is not deleted or suspended and You have never violated the Terms of Service or Privacy Policy of
  • You made a payment, being subject to refund, through the payment service provider, that supports and enables refunding procedures.

Refund may be made to You exclusively by the same payment instrument and in the same currency You’ve made a payment. And You are the only responsible for negotiation process with appropriate payment services provider for the refund to be technically possible as well as for the correctness and actuality of your payment details for refund. We are not responsible in case any additional data will be needed or any documents will have to be provided to your payment service provider or any additional condition must be fulfilled in order to receive a payment refund – as it is previously prescribed by Terms of Service or Privacy Policy of IPLease. We do not deal with Your payment data and bank details that are given by You to the payment service provider You made a Service purchase with. Please note, that not all the payment service providers provide payments refunding and You should check the refund possibility before You make a payment as We shall not be responsible for such impossibility in such a case.

Upon assignment, dedicated proxies are checked and guaranteed to work for the purchased service at the time of allocation.

Pay attention that any payment You make may be, before We receive it, decreased to the amount of taxes, fees and commissions as may be applicable. That is why any your payment may be refunded in the amount as it was actually received by IPLease, and NOTE that additional taxes, fees and commissions may be applied to that refund payment amount. We strictly declare that does not apply any fees or commissions in that case and does not provide any information or consultations on that issue.

Refund Policy Changes

This refund policy may be changed from time to time. This Refund Policy was last modified on Sep 3, 2017.