Some of the great beneficiaries of private proxy use are companies. Big and small companies can use private proxies in many ways. Depending on their business needs, they can buy private proxies to protect themselves, expand or develop products and services that are used through private proxies. In this article, we are going to present three ways in which private proxies can be used by companies.



What are private proxies?


Private proxies are proxy servers used to divert one’s connection and Internet traffic through the proxy server’s IP. They act as a middleman between its users and the rest of the world.


If you plan on using private proxies, one major benefit will be to hide your real IP address. And once your IP is concealed, you can better perform various online tasks. Or you protect both your network and PC.


However, companies do not use private proxies only to conceal their IPs for protection and security. They also need private proxies to access limited or restricted information. The use of private proxies is limited to a company management’s imagination. Below, you will find three ways in which private proxies are usually used by companies.



1. Private proxies and security


One major area in which companies use private proxies is the security of their networks and data. By concealing their real IPs, companies can protect themselves from hacker’s attacks.


In addition, by using private proxies, a company can change its IP address and location as often as it finds suited. Moreover, a company can add one extra layer of protection by using private proxies from another continent or areas. For example, companies from Australia can protect and secure their online activities by using private proxies from the United States, Canada or Western Europe.



2. Use private proxies for research


As mentioned previously, companies from one country can use private proxies from another country. In this way, they can also perform research through their proxies.


With the help of proxies such as SEO proxies, a company can research how SERP and its ranking in other parts of the word. Even if the company's offices are not located in that area. For example, a company from Germany is limited to search engines from Germany, such as Google Germany. However, to conduct research on search engine rankings in the United States, it will need US private proxies. In this way, its traffic is diverted through the private proxy server and search engines will consider the proxy’s IP as the users real IP. Thus, it will return results as for any other North American user.


In addition to researching search engine rankings, private proxies can also be used for scraping online content. Thus, companies can employ proxies to research, scrape and analyze their competitor's prices or offerings.



3. Buy private proxies for marketing


The third major way in which private proxies are used by companies is to perform marketing activities and tasks. Private proxies come in handy for two reasons. First, most marketing and social media platforms restrict the number of accounts one can create from any given IP. Second, by creating several social media or forum accounts, companies can create a social proof dimension around their product or services.


First, marketers can use private proxies to create several social media and forum accounts, from where they can start generating traffic and backlinks towards their company’s offering.


Online marketing is a scalable activity. One is limited only by his imagination and resources. A company with vast resources can buy private proxies and use them to create several accounts through which they can then post backlinks on forums and relevant blogs. In this way, the company, or its marketing department, build a backlink profile that will help the company generate more traffic. Hence, more revenue.


In addition, the same company can use private proxies to create social media accounts and reach bigger audiences than it is possible with only one account.



Special use proxies


Above, all three ways in which companies can employ proxies have been evidentiated through private proxies usage. However, as the proxy market evolved, users of private ones need to conduct research before purchasing their proxies. The main reason is that certain online platform started restricting their access. Moreover, upon suspicious behavior, social networks ban the accounts and the IP from where the activity originated.


Therefore, some private proxies can’t be used on certain online platforms because of the proxy IP’s history. However, for the same online platform, one can purchase working proxies. These are not simple private ones, but special use proxies. Meaning they are allocated for certain online platforms. For example, onFacebook, most private proxies might be banned. However, by buying Facebook proxies, users can still connect to the largest social media network.






 Wednesday, September 27, 2017

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