Everybody thinks of using SEO proxies in a sandboxed context. For example, everybody thinks that SEO proxies are used only to improve a website ranking from a point 0 to a point 1. However, often times, you will need to use your SEO proxies to recover your traffic after a drop due to either rankings or local improvements and changes in the algorithm.



How drops in traffic occur?


Drops in traffic occur for various reasons. For example, some drops happen due to changes in rankings, down-grades or changes in the algorithm of search engines.


Almost every business or website that relies on search traffic had to deal with this issue sometime during their lifetime. This is why it is important to develop a strategy with concrete actions to take when a drop in traffic occurs due to unforeseen events.


The main issue with this drops in traffic is that not many businesses have developed contingency plans to follow when such an issue arises. Therefore, once such a drop occurs, they do not take any action at all.


In this article, we are going to show how to create plans and how to use SEO proxies for your business to recover fast from any drops in traffic due to external factors.



Save some SEO proxies on the side, as a reserve


When you buy SEO proxies, you must not use them all. You must save some private proxies for SEO on the side and use them only in crisis mode. This means to use them only when drops in traffic occurs. In this way, you make sure you have some spare IPs from where to continue and improve your SEO campaigns.


As a rule of thumb, it is recommended to set aside 10%, 20% of your private proxies. However, if you do not wish to keep inactive 20% of your proxies, you can always ask for a full IP refresh for all your SEO proxies. And your proxy provider will issue new IPs for you.



Have a contingency plan for your SEO proxies use


When everything is alright and the traffic you are getting from search results is decent, you must develop a contingency plan for your business. In this way, you make sure that when the drop in traffic will occur, no emotions will be involved and you will know exactly what to do and how to proceed to mitigate the sudden drop in traffic. This contingency plan should include anything related to your SEO. From the number of SEO proxies used to the IPs, you plan on using.



Identify the traffic sources with traffic dips


Luckily for webmasters, Google Analytics offers a lot of tools and dimensions for analyzing your traffic. Therefore, once a sudden drop in your website’s traffic occurs, look on your Google Analytics dashboard to identify where is the issue and what causes it.


Sometimes, the traffic issue will be caused by downgrades in the ranking of certain keywords. Other times it will be caused by low traffic and drop in traffic for the whole keyword.


Regardless of the issue, you must look for ways in which you can mitigate it and even use your SEO proxies to either investigate the issue further or improving the SEO score by creating fresh, new backlinks.



Local traffic issues? Buy International proxies for SEO


Sometimes, a drop in traffic will be caused by changes in the search engine algorithm. This, in turn, will cause shifts in rankings. Thus, websites will have various traffic issues. One such issue is caused by changes in the search algorithm for local rankings or certain keywords with local rankings. When this issue occurs and is identified as the main cause, one thing is left to do. You can buy International proxies for SEO. These proxies have their servers located in foreign countries. Thus, you will receive working SEO proxies will IPs from Western Europe, South America, Canada or Asia. And by using these SEO proxies with International IPs, you make sure your websites stand a chance of improving their local ranking.



Buy SEO proxies for more backlinks


You do not need to buy more SEO proxies to increase the rankings of your websites or to mitigate sudden drops in traffic. However, these sudden drops in traffic can occur also when a new competitor move in your niche, has a better SERP position and more backlinks. In this case, you must buy SEO proxies to improve the rankings of your website. Thus, improve the backlink profile of your website and compete with the new competitor’s ranking.

 Thursday, December 21, 2017

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