Here we are in 2018 and one marketing channel that is here to stay is ad posting on classified ads websites. And if you are planning on making some extra money this year, then you can actually start making them with the help of classified ads proxies and websites such as Craigslist and other similar to it.

How are classified ads proxies used

Before we start to show how to make money with the help of classified ads proxies, you must understand how they are used and why they are necessary. First, you must know that classified ads proxies are virgin private proxies used to post ads on classified ads websites such as Craigslist and others.

These proxies are needed because classified ads websites limit the number of posts, or ads, one can submit from an individual IP. So in other words, if you posted already through your home network IP, you will not be able to post again other ads. This is why, if you want to post multiple ads for the same item or if you want to post more ads for similar items, you will need to use classified ads proxies.

With the help of classified ads proxies you will still post one ad per IP, but by using several classified ads proxies, you will be posting anonymously from several IP at the same time. Thus, all your ads will be independent one from another. And you will not risk getting your ads deleted by the ads website. Now, after you understood how to use classified ads proxies, let’s see how to actually make money through them.

1. Sell items through classifieds ads proxies

The simplest way of using classified ads proxies to make money is to actually sell something. In this instance, you should decide on certain item or items and sell them through multiple ads posted with the help of your classified ads proxies. Or Craigslist proxies, as some might call them.

After you have posted your ads, the next step is to actually wait to be contacted by some interested sellers. Also, with this strategy, you can sell almost anything you find fit.

2. Run a classified ad posting agency

Another method of making money with the help of classifieds ads proxies is to run a classified ads posting agency. With this agency, you will not make money by posting your items. But you will charge a small fee to post multiple ads for other sellers. In this way, you will act as a posting ads service.

3. Become an affiliate with classified ads proxies

The next method is similar to the above two and combines both selling an item and posting for some one else.

In this classifieds ads proxy method you will become an affiliate of a company but you will be posting your own ads. For example, you can affiliate yourself with a real estate agency and post ads through classifieds ads proxies for your listings. Thus, you will be gaining money when selling your listings.

With this method, you can use your classifieds ads proxies to post your real estate listings but you can also post other ads from the real estate agency.

4. Sell ratings and reviews

The best feature that classifieds ads proxies have is the ability to select the region from where you want your proxies’ IP to be allocated.

In other words, you can buy classifieds ads proxies from one particular area and then use these proxies to review and rate local businesses in business directories and reviews. Therefore, with your classifieds ads proxies, you can create a review service and rate local businesses from certain areas on websites like Yelp or other local business directories.

5. Sell in other areas with classifieds ads proxies

This is the most ignored method of using classified ads proxies to make money. For example, you can use or buy classifieds proxies from one location and sell in that location. And the best part is that this new location doesn’t need to be the location or city in which you are located. For example, if you are residing in Florida and you are a boat selling agency, you can buy classified ads proxies from California and sell your boats or related items to the Californian market. All this can be achieved by simply buying classifieds ads proxies for a certain location and connecting through them to classified ads websites such as Craigslist.

 Wednesday, December 27, 2017

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