Search engine optimization, even when using SEO proxies, is a zero-sum game, especially for those websites fighting for the first positions in SERP. One website’s gain comes at the expense of another one and so on. Therefore, it is important to understand your competitors' backlinks and try to improve your SEO score as much as possible. Therefore, in this article, we are going to talk about another way of using SEO proxies. A way that is neglected by many, but which can improve your SEO score and at the same time downgrade the SEO score of your competitors. Please note that this is not about reverse SEO or blackhat SEO where you populate your competitors' backlinks with spam. This method, by using SEO proxies is just a business move. And its simplicity is outstanding. Moreover, we consider that any business or website can do it to improve the SEO score. Also, this is a low-cost strategy and the only cost attached to it is that of SEO proxies monthly use. But without further ado, let’s see why this strategy involves.

How are SEO proxies generally used?

First, we need to understand how are SEO proxies used and then move forward from there.

SEO proxies are used to scrape search engines for relevant domains where backlinks can be created, posted and later index. Once these domains are scraped, identified and returned by the scraper, the next stage of using SEO proxies is to connect to these domains and post comments, forum posts and threads with backlinks pointing towards your websites. This content with backlinks towards your domains will later be indexed by search engines and improve your SEO score.

SEO proxies are used in this way to mask your real IP when scraping search engines. They are necessary because scraping and creating multiple queries from the same IP will trigger a block from the likes of Google. This is when SEO proxies are used for scraping.

In the next phase of posting, SEO proxies are used to mask the IP from where multiple posts are created and posted. They are necessary because websites and forums that identify multiple pieces of content posted from the same IP will flag them as spam and will trigger manual verification from their domain owner. Thus, SEO proxies are necessary to mask the IP and post content without triggering any extra security measures.

Analyze your competitors' backlinks

Now that we know how SEO proxies are generally used, let’s see how to used them to make your competitors SEO efforts irrelevant.

First, before using private proxies for SEO, you need to analyze your competitors SEO and backlink profile to identify areas, domains where it is possible to create your own backlinks.

For this step, you need a backlink analyzer, such as Semrush or Moz. With any of these two tools, you can analyze your competitors' backlinks and retrieve the domains and pages linking to your competitors.

They say that reconnaissance wins half the battle. So now, armed with this knowledge, you know how strong a competitors SEO and backlink profile is. Furthermore, not it is time to bring the cavalry and start using your private proxies for SEO.

How to use SEO proxies to cancel backlinks

Once you have identified the domains where your competitors have backlinks, you must shortlist the domains where you can post as well. So you need to identify all web 2.0 domains, such as forums, blog comments, social networks.

Now, start using your SEO proxies and create content with backlinks and start posting it on these domains. You need to use private proxies for SEO so your backlinks won’t be posted on the same IP and they will not be flagged as spam.

This is the simple, yet effective way through which you create backlinks from the same domains as your competition. Thus, by doing this, your competition’s advantage drawn from these domains is made irrelevant by search engines.

Another hidden advantage of using SEO proxies this way

Another hidden advantage is that through your SEO proxies, you will be able to create backlinks to make your competitors' backlinks irrelevant and at the same time improve your domain SEO score. You will improve it because you will create backlinks from the websites that all your competitors have backlinks. And while one competitor has backlinks from one domain. And another competitor from another domain, your domain will have backlinks from both. So, buy SEO proxies from IPLease and start this strategy today and improve your SEO score while making your competitor’s one irrelevant. 

 Wednesday, December 13, 2017

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