How you ever considered how you can make money if you learn a new skill or develop a new product? We are certain you considered this at least once in your lifetime. Therefore, in this article we are going to show you how to make money, or at least start thinking on how to make money by developing a tool, such as a web scraper and use SEO proxies to develop it and later on make money with it, by either selling it or selling its scraping results.



Scrape with SEO proxies


A web scraper needs SEO proxies in order to make all the necessary requests without triggering any rate limits or throttle limits by the web services on which it will do the scraping.


Moreover, if the service or tool developed is a web scraper, the SEO proxies and IP requests question can be either the developer’s issue or the user’s. For example, if the web scraper is web-based and the tool is developed and maintain on a web server and if the users have access to it through a web server, then the tool provider must implement the SEO proxies in the tool he has developed.


However, if the tool, the web scraper, is sold individually and it must be installed on the user’s machine, then the proxy issue can be the user’s one. So the tool provider can let the user sort it out and buy SEO proxies as it finds fit.



How to make money with SEO proxies and web scrapers?


There are several monetization avenues that an entrepreneur and software developer must choose from depending on the tool developed. However, the main question, as it was shown above is to ask if the service or the product sold is the actual web scraper or its findings. And depending on the answer to this question, SEO proxies must be either implemented or sold separately. So let’s see a few ways in which a web scraper can be developed and SEO proxies implemented.



1. Duplicating websites


One can develop a web scraper to duplicate websites. This kind of tools is usually developed and used by information security professionals to test front end developments for vulnerabilities.


An entrepreneur or web developers offering such a service will most likely package it as a desktop based tool or script. Therefore, SEO proxies can’t be implemented before selling such a tool, because once the product is sold, the webmaster doesn’t have any other control over the tool. Thus, SEO proxies must be sold as a side service by the developer. Or the developer could at least recommend a proxy service from where the user can buy private proxies for web scraping.



2. Offering scraped data as a service


Another monetization avenue that an entrepreneur or developer can choose is to offer scraped data as a service. There are plenty of websites and companies offering such a service. For example, Google is a company offering such a scraping service through its. Or SEMRush offering SEO data scraped from around the web.


Offering such a tool or service as an online service or website involves developing and maintaining the web scraper or a website. Thus the SEO proxies issue must be solved by the tool developer. And such a tool needs several tens or hundreds of proxies because it will probably make hundreds or thousands of requests per day.



3. Lead generation platform or service


One of the least used ways for a web scraper, lead generation platform can be used by businesses to attract new customers for their service or product.


Regarding the proxy issue, such a tool will be most likely web-based, therefore SEO proxies must be bought and maintained by the developer. Moreover, for such a tool, it is recommended that the developer does not mention anywhere the use of SEO proxies. Because the users of such a service are probably marketers and sales reps and they do not really care how a tool has been developed and maintained by its developers.



4. Offering scraping as a service


This is the simplest way of monetizing a web scraper. It simply involves offering web scraping as a service. And the main difference between offering scraped data and scraping as a service is that for the later, the user chooses on which domains the scraping should take place. For such a tool, it is recommended that the SEO proxies setup issue is solved by the developer. However, the developer should mention the SEO proxies setup and depend on the scrape size and number of domains, even charge money for the SEO proxies usage.

 Wednesday, December 20, 2017

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