Private proxies are not just an anonymity tool, they are also used by entrepreneurs in developing tools, products and services that can be later on monetized. In this article, we are going to talk about private proxies and how entrepreneurs can implement them in certain tools. Before we start, it is important to understand that private proxies are a requirement for these tools and not a simple feature. Entrepreneurs and developers need to implement private proxies in their tool development in order to function correctly when released to the market.



Do entrepreneurs need private proxies?


The answer to this question is not so straightforward. At first sight, we might consider that some entrepreneurs need private proxies, while others do not. However, the real and correct answer is not that entrepreneurs need private proxies, but actually, if their tools require different IPs and proxy servers. And now the correct answer is that it depends on the tool that the entrepreneur is looking to build. For example, if an entrepreneur builds a cloud-based tool that does not require interaction with other tools, then we can easily say that this entrepreneur and the tool he created doesn’t need any private proxies.


However, if the same entrepreneur decides to build a tool that will interact with other web services, and the tool will be used to send requests and queries to these other, third-party tools. Then, we can say with certainty that the entrepreneur needs private proxies for the created tool.



In the remaining part of this article, let’s see what tools require private proxies.



SEO proxies for web scraping


If the entrepreneur decides to build a search engine, a data feeder or research tool that interact with other online services, then we can say with certainty that this tool will require private proxies through which to make requests to other online services.


If the tool requires some web scraping functionality, to avoid any rate limiting or captcha triggering, then it will need to divert most of its requests through private proxy servers and different IP addresses.



For this type of tool development, an entrepreneur needs to buy SEO proxies. These are private proxies allocated with the purpose of being used on search engines. Moreover, these proxies are usually cheaper than other private proxies packages. Furthermore, if the tool requires making a large volume of queries per month than the entrepreneur can opt-in to change the IP addresses of his private proxy package on a monthly basis. In this way, the tool created will have fresh IP addresses every month.



Social media proxies for social media bots


Another tool that entrepreneur can build is a bot. This type of tool or product requires private proxies because most of its activity will take place on top of another online service. For example, a social media bot will require social media proxies because its activity simply requires sending requests and commands for the social accounts that will be set and automated through it.


A social media bot requires private proxies in the form of social media proxies is to ring-fence and protect each account’s behavior from other accounts.


There are two main roads an entrepreneur can take when deciding on implementing social media proxies for his social tool. If the tool is cloud-based, then the entrepreneur can opt-in to buy the proxies himself and implement them as part of the service. However, if the social media bot is desktop based and the user must download it on their machine than the entrepreneur has the option of offering the social media bot with any private proxies. Leaving the user with the decision of choosing a social media proxy provider suited to its needs and budget.



Sneaker proxies for sneaker bots


Another tool that requires private proxies is a sneaker bot. This type of bot needs private proxies in the form of sneaker proxies to shield the tool’s IP address and make several bids at the same time.


For this type of tool, it is recommended that entrepreneurs building it do not use any private proxies. Moreover, because sneaker proxies are more expensive and their use is strongly connected to the bot’s success, it is recommended to let the users decide on what sneaker proxies to buy. Therefore, sneakers bots should always be shipped without any private proxies. Moreover, sneakers bots should also have the functionality of not letting the bot start bidding if there are no proxies set yet.

 Friday, December 22, 2017

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