We are going to take a different approach and talk about the ways in which you are losing money by not using private proxies. Private proxies are a privacy tool that offers anonymity, however, by using them in certain ways, you can also improve or increase your website’s revenue. And by not using private proxies in certain circumstances, you are guaranteed to lose money in the long run. You will probably lose more money than the actual cost of buying and trying private proxies for your business. Thus, in this article, we are going to show you three areas in which you are guaranteed to lose money if you do not use private proxies.

Do you really need private proxies?

Before we actually start, you need to consider if you or your business really need private proxies. You can use private proxies in any way you find fit for your business. You can do research through them or generate leads, or you can improve your business ratings on websites or even post multiple classified ads in your areas.

Perform an assessment and verify if your business needs private proxies. Then look for special private proxies packages. In other words, look for private proxies specially allocated for the task you are looking to perform. For example, if you need private proxies to do some SEO tasks, you can buy SEO proxies. And if you need proxies for social media you can buy social media proxies such as Facebook proxies.

But, let’s get back to our subject and talk of ways in which you are losing money by not using private proxies.

How are you losing money by not using private proxies?

The main way in which you and any other webmaster are losing money by not using private proxies is that they do not scale their operation. Because the best thing private proxies can do for a business is to scale certain operations. And by ignoring to scale these operations the common sense is that you can’t improve your revenue stream. And subsequently, lose money in the long-run.

Let’s see three ways in which you are losing money by not actually using private proxies.

1. Not using SEO proxies to improve rankings

This particular issue is related to those businesses that gain most of their business and revenue from organic search and search engines. They are losing money because every particular sale or revenue their website brings is related to searches, rankings and the number of keywords for which their rank.

What does this have to do with IPs, private proxies and proxy servers? Not much at first sight. But private proxies, with their anonymity tools, allow a business to develop an SEO strategy. For this kind of strategy, a business can employ SEO proxies and post multiple comments and forum posts with backlinks in them. These backlinks will later be indexed and the domain for which the SEO strategy developed will improve its rankings and subsequently improve its revenue stream. Therefore, by not using SEO proxies, webmasters stand to lose money in the form of missed opportunity revenue.

2. Scaling social media marketing

One of the best ways in which you can deploy private proxies for your business is to develop a social media marketing campaign. Most businesses have the potential of developing a following on social media. And private proxies for social media can facilitate it and even improve it.

Social networks limit the number of accounts that can connect from the same IP address. Therefore, if your business needs to develop several accounts, will need private proxies to connect the accounts independently.

From a revenue perspective, not using social media proxies can slow down the development of a following. Thus, in the long run, can cost a business lost opportunities, lack of brand development and conversely lost profits.Therefore, if you plan on not losing money, buy social media proxies to scale your social media marketing operations to their following potential.

3. Use private proxies for posting on classified ads website

Another way in which businesses are losing money is by not posting on classified ads websites like Craigslist. These websites are a great way to develop a marketing and sales strategy because they are not used by many. And private proxies are usually necessary to develop and post multiple classified ads. Which will increase the chances of your product or service being bought by a customer. And your business can lose money if you do not post classified ads and take advantage of this marketing low-hanging fruit. 

 Saturday, December 16, 2017

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