How to use private proxies to promote a local business

 2017 Oct 27th

If you plan on using private proxies for marketing but have not developed a strategy, the only thing you can expect is unmet goals and losses. Therefore, to truly use private proxies with efficiency you must develop a strategy. In developing this strategy, you must understand that certain facts and elements do not apply to every type of business ... Read More »

How to use private proxies as a blogger

 2017 Oct 27th

For those of you who are not programmers, blogging is usually the first entrepreneurial path in the online world. However, the road from starting out to becoming successful is long, tedious and for many is full of unknown challenges. But, if you intend to start blogging or if you are already blogging you can use private proxies to increase the ... Read More »

How private proxies use evolved and future directions PART 2

 2017 Oct 26th

In the previous article, we talked about the early days of the private proxies technology, a simpler technology used literally to only hide one’s IP or location. We also talked about the proxy format and why, even today, the IPv4 format is widely employed by most proxy providers. Now, we are going to continue and show how proxies and their use ... Read More »

How private proxies use evolved and future directions PART 1

 2017 Oct 25th

In this article and the next, we are going to take a different path and present a short history of private proxies. How they were used in the past, how they are used now and they will be used in the future.     More about private proxies... why would one use them   Like any evolving technology, private proxies use has evolved over the ... Read More »

Why you need Facebook proxies to maintain reach

 2017 Oct 22nd

With the new Facebook News Feed roll-out, maintaining and managing a business page will not bring the same reach as previously. The news indicates that Facebook is testing a new feed in several countries. Moreover, it is clearly indicated that this new News Feed will diminish the reach of pages. However, there is a way in which you can maintain ... Read More »

Reasons to buy Social Media proxies for Instagram

 2017 Oct 20th

One of the most engaging and used social media app in the last few years has been Instagram. And there are high chances Instagram will continue to remain one of the best and most used apps in the social media world in the years to come. And where there is engagement, there is a marketing opportunity. This marketing opportunity can be reached and ... Read More »

Buy private proxies instead of public proxies

 2017 Oct 20th

In a previous article, we have written about the difference between private proxies and public ones. Moreover, that article focused more on the technical elements than on the actual risks you might face when using a public proxy server. While these risks are not present when a private proxy server, many users still rely on using public ones ... Read More »

5 reasons to use semi-dedicated proxies

 2017 Oct 18th

When it comes to buying private proxies, almost everybody thinks of buying private, dedicated proxies. Also, others consider buying also special use proxies, such as social media proxies or Craigslist proxies. However, not every project needs private proxies for special use or dedicated proxies. Moreover, at the beginning of a project, you might ... Read More »

SEO proxies link building strategy PART 2

 2017 Oct 15th

In the second part of our guide on link building strategy with SEO proxies, you will learn the steps necessary in actually building backlinks with the help of private proxies. While in the first part we focused on learning what SEO proxies are and how to use them, now you will learn about researching domains for link building and using SEO ... Read More »

SEO Proxies link building strategy PART 1

 2017 Oct 14th

In this short, yet powerful guide, a backlink building strategy with the help of SEO proxies will be presented. First, you will learn about SEO proxies, what are they and how to use these private proxies. Second, the strategy of link building and the actual steps required to take will be presented and explained. This is a powerful and efficient ... Read More »