For those of you who are not programmers, blogging is usually the first entrepreneurial path in the online world. However, the road from starting out to becoming successful is long, tedious and for many is full of unknown challenges. But, if you intend to start blogging or if you are already blogging you can use private proxies to increase the chances of reaching the profitability point and become successful. Thus, we decided to write this article in which we are going to present how, as a blogger, you can use private proxies to increase your chances of success and start generating profits from your blogging campaign.



What bloggers lack


Like most people starting out in the online world, you are probably lacking several things. These things include but are not limited to your budget, tech knowledge and contacts.


First, the lack of budget is widespread among bloggers. Even if the starting capital requirements are low, you will still need some capital to become successful because you can simply start writing blog posts and expect to become successful. But, unfortunately, the budget is a general issue for most bloggers.


Another department in which most bloggers are having issues is the tech knowledge. Most bloggers simply do not have enough tech, coding knowledge to create their own products or website. Thus, they recur to using open source CMS and ready made websites.


Finally, the last area on our list, that almost all bloggers lack is contacts in the online world. Some bloggers might have contacts in the industry in which they are blogging, but they certainly lack contacts in the online world. And by lacking these contacts, bloggers miss the opportunity to promote their websites and generate a higher SEO ranking and profits. But, now is the time when private proxies come into play.



The advantages of using private proxies


For a blogger, using private proxies brings many advantages. At first, it will mitigate the lack of budget and contacts. Because, by using private proxies, marketing campaigns can be run on a limited budget, both on social media or through SEO. Moreover, the lack of contacts is mitigated because by using private proxies, bloggers can reach third-party websites and build their own backlinks profile. In addition, another advantage of using private proxies is a blogger can start experimenting with just a few private proxies. And once positive results start showing up, they can scale their operation as much as they see fit.



What private proxies can bloggers use for the freshly created blogs?


As mentioned above, from the multitude of private proxies bloggers can employ in promoting their blogs, social media proxies and SEO proxies are the only categories a blogger should focus on.


On social media proxies, the focus is clear because more proxies a blogger control, more social media accounts he can run. However, from an SEO perspective, the use of SEO proxies is sometimes confusing, but we will clarify this issue later on.



Social media proxies to build a content distribution network


When it comes to using social media proxies, bloggers need to understand that not all social media proxies will help them equally. First, he must identify the networks where his potential audience is active and then buy social media proxies for that audience.


For example, if the target audience is active on Twitter, then a blogger must buy Twitter proxies and promote his content there. But if the audience is active on Facebook, then he must buy Facebook proxies. Also, if the audience is split and can be found on two different social networks, then he can buy private proxies for those two social networks.



SEO proxies to rank and generate search traffic


The other major category of private proxies that bloggers must consider using is SEO proxies. These proxies are required to perform SEO campaigns. And these campaigns will afterward develop into the backlink profile of the blog.


SEO proxies can be used to scrape search engines and find relevant domains on which the blogger can guest posts and have links pointing to his blog. Also, bloggers can use private proxies for SEO to access forums and posts content and links pointing to their blog. Regardless of how SEO proxies will be used, the main goal of using them is to create as many relevant backlinks as possible and to increase the search ranking position for relevant keywords. The ranking position is important because, in time, it will generate search traffic. Traffic that is free.

 Friday, October 27, 2017

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