If you plan on using private proxies for marketing but have not developed a strategy, the only thing you can expect is unmet goals and losses. Therefore, to truly use private proxies with efficiency you must develop a strategy. In developing this strategy, you must understand that certain facts and elements do not apply to every type of business or promotional campaign. For example, the requirements for promoting a virtual, intangible good are others than promoting a physical business or a local business. Therefore, in this article, you are going to learn how to promote a local business using private proxies. Moreover, you will also see what type of proxies can be employed when promoting such a business.



Promoting a local business is different


Regardless if you are planning on using private proxies for your promotions or not, a local business marketing campaign is different then the campaigns employed by businesses selling products are a national or global level.


The first thing to consider is that local businesses usually have limited funds to promote such a business. Therefore, the investment in such a campaign will be limited and the results must be tangible. In other words, promoting a local business doesn’t need to involve any failed experiments.



What private proxies do you need for promoting a local business


Before even considering if to use any private proxies or not, you must first identify the marketing channels through which you can reach your local audience.


For a local business, these channels usually are classified ads in its local area, social media to engage with your local audience and search engine rankings for location-relevant searches. And once these channels have been identified, it is time to start buying private proxies for each particular use and start promoting them.



Social media proxies for a local business


When it comes to marketing a local business, the first channel almost anybody considers is social media. Indeed, through social media marketing, one can reach local audiences in the fastest time possible. And by employing social media proxies, if you run a local business, you can reach the largest audience possible in your area.


The social media proxies you can employ are Facebook proxies, through which you can create a friend base and promote your business both to your friend base and as well as posting in niche groups from your area.


Another channel you can use is Instagram, where you can use Instagram proxies to create and manage several social media accounts through which you will create a large following. And as Instagram has one of the highest engagement rates, you will also create a lot of engagement with your business. The engagement which later will transfer into marketing capital and brand awareness.



Classified ads proxies for services and physical goods


Another channel that is usually neglected by many is the classified ads marketing. Many local business owners simply neglect and ignore completely this marketing channel.


Unfortunately, they lose many great opportunities through which they can reach their local audiences. Moreover, by using classified ads proxies, they can increase and expand the distribution network of their services or goods.


And one great advantage of using classified ads proxies and promoting on classified ads websites is the low level of tech knowledge required to run such a marketing campaign. Because all that a business owner needs to do is to buy classified ads proxies and use a browser with custom settings to access the classified ads websites. And afterward, the posting will be performed manually, by actually accessing the ads platform through the proxies.



SEO proxies for ranking of local relevant searches


In comparison to classified ads proxies, using SEO proxies require a deeper level of understanding of how digital marketing functions. While you do not need to understand the technicals of how search engines rank websites, you need to know how the requirements your websites needs to have in order to rank higher in SERP. In just a few words, your website needs backlinks and on-page SEO in order to rank in search engines.


On-page SEO can be performed and assessed in a matter of hours or days. The difficult part is in generating backlinks. You simply do not have a lot of control over who and where will post backlinks for your device. Luckily, you can use SEO proxies through which you can access third party websites such as forums and blogs, where you can post comments with links pointing towards your websites. Links that will become the backlink profile and off-SEO element of your websites. These links will help search engines assess the importance of your websites and increase the ranking in SERP. And if you are wondering why you need SEO proxies, the reason is that a forum or blog will not accept many posts or comments coming from a single IP. 

 Friday, October 27, 2017

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