Manage your private proxies with these tools

 2017 Oct 12th

If you plan on using and managing private proxies, then you must consider using certain tools for both your private proxies' safety and risk-free management. There are many online tools today that you can use. But only a few tools are really worth using with your private proxies.     Why manage your private proxies?   Using private proxies ... Read More »

Keep Social Media Proxies clean this way

 2017 Oct 10th

Buying and using social media proxies for marketing is not enough to be successful and have a profitable operation. If you plan on using social media proxies for such services, then you should start thinking actively about ways in which to keep them clean and safe. In this way, you will mitigate the risk of getting your proxies flagged.   In ... Read More »

The technicals of private proxies

 2017 Oct 4th

Private proxies can be used in many ways and forms. Some users buy them to automate certain tasks, other buy private proxies to scale their marketing efforts, while others will buy to mask their real IP. Regardless of the reason for which one will buy private proxies, we have created this short article to describe most of the technical factors one ... Read More »

Setting social media proxies for marketing

 2017 Oct 3rd

Buying social media proxies to use them for marketing is a straightforward action. First, you buy your proxies for the desired social network and then you connect your accounts through your proxies. But you can't do all this straight off the bat. A setup is needed through which to manage your proxies and social media marketing campaign. In this ... Read More »

Private proxies vs VPN - Which is better?

 2017 Oct 2nd

For most people, private proxies and virtual private networks, VPNs, are almost the same thing. However, there are differences between the two tools. And these differences can mean a lot. Moreover, by not understanding these differences, users of these two tools can get into dangerous situations. Therefore, in this article, private proxies and ... Read More »

How to use social media proxies for content distribution

 2017 Oct 1st

Social media proxies are normally used by marketers and PR managers to manage several social media accounts from the same server. But, marketers can use social media proxies to develop a content distribution network for their business and increase the reach of their marketing message and returns of their offers.     How marketers use private ... Read More »