Buying social media proxies to use them for marketing is a straightforward action. First, you buy your proxies for the desired social network and then you connect your accounts through your proxies. But you can't do all this straight off the bat. A setup is needed through which to manage your proxies and social media marketing campaign. In this article, you are going to see what are the necessary steps you need to take to build your own social media marketing setup to use with private proxies.



Buy social media proxies


The first thing to do is to decide which social media platform is the most suited for your needs. And based on this assumption, you can start developing your strategy. Therefore, after the social network is chosen. You need to buy social media proxies for it.


To buy proxies, simply choose social media proxies from IPLease. Then, choose the correct proxies for your platform. For example, for Facebook, you must buy Facebook proxies. Whereas for Pinterest, you must buy Pinterest proxies.


All IPLease's social media proxies are virgin ones. This means they have never been used to connect social media accounts through them. Thus, all the accounts you connect through them are safe and protected from potential bans due to flagged IPs.


Once you bought your private proxies for the desired social network, you can use them manually through a browser. However, this is a less profitable and more time-consuming way of using social media proxies. And a better, more profitable setup can be built using automation tools.



The required automation tool with private proxy setup


To increase profitability and performance of your marketing campaign, you must use a social media automation tool. This tool will help you automate your accounts and most of their actions.


But, before choosing a social media automation tool, an important requirement must be considered. The tool must support multiple accounts with simultaneous connections. Also, it must support private proxies implementation.


The tool must be private proxy friendly in order to allow each account connect separately to protect them from a possible ban from the social network. This is a must because social networks tend to ban accounts connecting from the same IP if an account is reported or blocked several times.


Therefore, by using private proxies, each account looks as it connects from different areas or countries. Thus, no correlation can be drawn between these accounts, at an IP level. One such tool to buy and use for marketing is FollowLiker. This tool allows for connecting multiple accounts at the same time, through different private proxies. However, there is one drawback with FollowLiker. It is desktop based and it requires the PC or server to run around the clock. But there is a solution for this issue.



A virtual private server for rent


The solution to allow FollowLiker to run permanently, without interference, is to rent a virtual private server. A VPS is practically a rented PC which you can use at your own discretion. And because most VPS are rented from data centers, they can run permanently.


Once you rented the VPS, the next step is to install FollowLiker and set your social media proxies in it. And then, connect and automate social media accounts.


With this kind of setup, composed of social media proxies, automation tool and a VPS, a social media marketing strategy and a campaign can be developed to run permanently. Therefore, your accounts could, in theory, engage with their audience around the clock.



The accounts question


A general question, which answer's baffles social media marketers is what accounts to use for such a strategy. Some will consider buying already develop accounts, while others will want to create their own accounts from the social media proxies they bought.


The general recommendation is to create your own accounts from the social media proxies you are going to use these accounts. Therefore, create each account from the private proxy on which it will log in afterward.


In this way, you have the certainty that nobody has interfered with your account. In addition, you have the guarantee that the accounts are safe and their IP history is clean. Therefore, in most cases, with creating your own accounts you are safe from any phone verification triggers.


And yet another rule of thumb is to connect one account per proxy. In this way, each account connects individually through its own social media proxy. Thus, in case one of your accounts gets flagged, reported or blocked, the other accounts can safely continue to engage with their audience and carry on your marketing strategy.


 Tuesday, October 3, 2017

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