Social media proxies are normally used by marketers and PR managers to manage several social media accounts from the same server. But, marketers can use social media proxies to develop a content distribution network for their business and increase the reach of their marketing message and returns of their offers.



How marketers use private proxies?


There are two major ways in which marketers use private proxies. First, they use SEO proxies to create a backlink profile for their business and increase the SERP position. Thus, increasing the reach of their website/business when potential customers are searching for their needs on Google.


The SEO proxies are either used to scrape search engine results to find relevant blogs where to post comments with links towards their website. Also, SEO proxies are used to post multiple forum threads or comments with links in their content. Links that point to the business website. Links that will jump-start engagement and also become the building foundation of the website's backlink profile.


Marketers use also social media proxies to promote their messages through social media and increase the reach of their website/business on social networks. Usually, social media proxies are used to increase the reach of marketing campaigns and also to raise awareness about their brand and value proposition.



What are social media proxies?


Social media proxies are virgin proxies. This means they have never been used on the social networks previously. Thus, any account connecting through such proxies does not risk getting blocked by the underlying social network.


Moreover, social media proxies are private dedicated proxies, meaning that they are used by only one person. This fact considerably decreases the risk of getting the IP flagged and blocked due to others abusive behavior.


In addition, one other major aspect for which social media proxies are the best type of proxies to use for connecting accounts on social networks is their guarantee. The guarantee that they will work and connect the accounts to the underlying network. For example, Pinterest proxies, once allocated, are guaranteed to work and connect on Pinterest, without the risk of triggering blocks.



How to use social media proxies for marketing?


Usually, social media proxies are used to manage several social media accounts from the same server/machine. Private proxies for social media are used by PR managers to manage and protect their clients' accounts. More often than not, social media proxies are used by marketers. In addition, with the help of social media proxies, marketers can automate the accounts connecting through them.


By automating these accounts, marketers can leverage and scale their marketing reach to a larger audience. Marketers automate their accounts' following and unfollowing behavior, with the goal of increasing their following base. Moreover, they [marketers] also automate the liking, commenting and sharing actions of their accounts, with the intent of increasing engagement around the freshly built followers base.


Once the followers base is established and the engagement rate reaches favorable levels, marketers can start either promoting offers and monetizing their following base or distributing content to raise brand awareness or generate leads. Regardless of the way they use their following base, marketers need to create a distribution network.



What is a content distribution network?


A content distribution network uses several social media accounts in an organized way, to distribute content and marketing offers. In other words, a content distribution network is a way of organizing social media accounts around a couple of main content generation accounts.


A typical distribution network consists of one or two main accounts promoting their business and marketing offers. The content of these two accounts is then distributed and shared by other secondary accounts to their followers.


While the main accounts can connect safely to the social network, the secondary accounts must use social media proxies.



How to use social media proxies for a distribution network?


As mentioned above, the secondary accounts, distributing the content of the main accounts, require social media proxies to connect.


Usually, the secondary accounts of a distribution network are used and managed through a social media automation tool. One such tool is FollowLiker. But there are other tools available online. These tools allow the setup and management of several accounts at the same time.


Moreover, these automation tools also allow connecting each account through an individual social media proxy. Thus, social media proxies are used to connect the secondary accounts of a content distribution network by setting them [the proxies] through an automation tool.

 Sunday, October 1, 2017

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