As we discussed previously in one of our articles that nobody talks about shopping proxies. And that we should start talking about more about these proxies, we decided to create a list with six problems that revolve around shopping proxies. These problems could be encountered by anyone looking to buy virgin private proxies for coping online. And, if you plan on buying such proxies, you should read about these problems and consider them. Moreover, these are not major, delicate issues that will stop you from using shopping proxies. But it is important to read about them to make sure you know their solutions.

1. Shopping proxies and the lack of knowledge resources

As we previously said, nobody talks about shopping proxies. This, in turn, leads to a lack of online and knowledge resources one can find to search for shopping proxies and how to use them.

Of course, there are some online forums and a couple of Youtube videos talking about issues related to shopping proxies, but there is no definitive guide on how to use these proxies and why you should use them.

Thus, when you start considering using shopping proxies, you should know that you will have to figure it out a lot of issues and problem. But this is also a benefit for you. If you manage to solve a major problem, you will have an advantage over other people that are trying to do the same thing as you. So do not worry that much about the lack of knowledge and resources, because, with little dedication and work, you can turn this into your advantage.

2. Stigma around shopping proxies

Many people think of shopping proxies and online coping of sneakers and other items as an esoteric matter. And they are not that comfortable talking about this. Thus, they will never consider using shopping proxies or developing an online project that uses shopping proxies.

Thus, you should see even this problem as a benefit for you, especially if you start using shopping proxies. Why is that a benefit? One word: competition. Or better said, the lack of competition for your shopping proxies setup. So do not worry about what other people are thinking and start doing it.

3. Proxy packages size

Yes, shopping proxies come in large proxy packages. For example, on a package can have a minimum of 125 or 250 IPs. However, there is one reason for which these packages have this size.

Online websites, mentioned above, where most coping takes places, limit the number of requests per IP. And upon detecting suspicious behavior coming from one IP, they will ban that IP’s whole range. Thus, even if you use your IPs responsively, if somebody else uses IPs from the same range and abuses one of its IPs, you could have your IPs blocked as well. Therefore, buying a whole range of IPs makes sense. It is like protecting your investment.

4. Shopping bots and automation

Using shopping proxies is almost always done through automation tools such as sneaker bots or scripts. This is a problem if you are not a developer because you can’t create your own script.

However, you could either higher a developer to build a custom bot script for you. Or you could buy any of the commercially available online scripts, such as sneaker bots such AIO bot or BetterNikeBot. Regardless of which bot you choose, you need to use one or another.

5. Your geographical location is important

After coping your sneakers online, through shopping proxies, you will need to consider your geographical location where your sneaker will be sent. In other words, you should also take into account delivery fees for your coped item and any duty charges, especially if you are located outside the United States.

6. Lack of marketing channels for items bought

As there is no online platform where to sell your coped items, you will need to consider where to sell your items after you coped them through your sneaker proxies.

For example, you could sell them locally on classified ads websites. Or you could sell them on eBay. Furthermore, you should also consider selling them on social media, where there are a lot of sneakerheads. Moreover, as social media, you should consider Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Basically anywhere you can attach images with your coped items.

Furthermore, you should also consider that after coping your items with sneaker proxies, you can develop a website and sell your items there. In this case, you can use Shopify or any other online e-commerce CMS. 

 Saturday, March 3, 2018

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