It might sound strange enough but for shopping proxies, almost anybody needs a buying guide. Even if shopping proxies are just another type of private proxy packages, their purchase needs to take into account a few factors. First, anybody looking to buy shopping proxies must consider the websites or online platform where these proxies are going to be used. Second, the required bots or automation tools used must be understood and researched.



What are shopping proxies?


Shopping proxies are virgin private proxies used to connect to certain online websites. Some of the websites where shopping proxies are used are Nike, Adidas USA, Adidas EU, FootLocker or SupremeNewYork.


At first glance, anybody will recognize these websites as ecommerce or online store websites. Hence, the name of these proxies – shopping proxies. Furthermore, these proxies are required because of these websites restrictive nature.


 How are shopping proxies used?


Shopping websites are very restrictive in almost any way. Once they detect suspicious behavior coming from one IP, they will limit or block not just the IP, but the whole IP's range. Thus, fiddling with shopping websites from a single IP implies many risks.


The main use of shopping proxies is not only to purchase regular products from these websites. But to purchase limited edition items upon release. The above-mentioned websites run limited edition online offerings. Usually, the limited edition items tend to be sneakers. And upon release, the number of purchased items is limited to a certain number per each individual IP. Thus, even if one will catch the queue and buy items, will not be able to purchase as many as he wants. The shopping website will limit the purchase to a couple of items.


This is where shopping proxies come into play. They are used to make multiple purchase queries, from multiple IPs, during the limited edition item releases. Thus, upon checkout, if several shopping carts are purchased from several individual IPs, one can get his hands on more than the limited number of items imposed by the website.



Buy shopping proxies to cop items online


The action of purchasing limited edition items online is called coping. Thus, somebody purchasing limited edition sneakers through shopping proxies is actually coping sneakers online.


Some might argue the need to purchase more than the allowed number of items per IP / per customer. However, the reason for which people are coping items is not to purchase items for themselves. Becuase this can become a costly activity. They are using shopping or sneaker proxies to buy limited edition sneakers to sell on the secondary market.


In recent years, because of the restrictive nature of shopping websites and the limited number of items, a secondary market for these items developed and thrived. And because these items are limited edition, the prices on the secondary market are double or triple the initial selling prices.


Therefore, with sky-high prices, one can see the interest of many to cop limited edition items online to sell somewhere else. But before starting to cop items online, one needs to consider a few things before buying shopping proxies.



Required bots with shopping proxies


In comparison with other proxy packages, shopping proxies are almost exclusively used through copping bots. Search online for sneaker bots, one can find several bots. Usually, these bots borrow the name of the shopping websites on which they are going to be used.


Therefore, if one considers buying shopping bots for Supreme, the bot to buy must also be created for Supreme.


Moreover, if one does not find an online bot capable suitable to his needs, sneaker bots can be custom built. Online there are several freelance websites where this job can be commissioned to a software developer.



Proxy package guide


If somebody looking to start coping finds the necessary proxies and the required bot for the desired shopping website, upon purchasing his proxies, he will notice that all shopping proxies are sold in large packages.


A regular shopping proxy package is sold with minimum 250 proxies. This means that each shopping proxy package is actually an IP range. In this way, the buyer has the whole IP range at his disposal. Hi can use all these proxies to cop online, but it is not necessary.


The reason for which shopping proxies are sold this way is the restrictive nature of sneaker websites. As mentioned above, when shopping websites detect suspicious behavior coming from one IP, they block that IP's whole range. And by buying a whole range, the person looking to cop items online protects his proxies IP for possible blocks because of others' misuse.

 Thursday, September 21, 2017

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