What is better than buying a pair of new, limited edition sneakers? Buying sneakers and selling them at a profit. In 2018, there are many doing just this. They shop limited edition sneakers and sell them at a markup. You can do this too. You will only need to decide where you are going to buy your sneakers and then use shopping proxies to actually get more than a set limit of pairs. In doing so, by using shopping proxies on websites like YeezySupply, Adidas US or EastBay you buy more than one a couple if pairs. And end up with a pair for yourself and the rest to sell at a higher price.

So how can you actually use shopping proxies to buy limited edition sneakers? You need to automate your buying process and send each buying order through a shopping proxy. Therefore, in order to get access to as many pairs as possible, you need perfect-working shopping proxies. So, follow this shopping list checklist when buying your shopping proxies.

Shopping proxies list

Before you actually buy your shopping proxies from a proxy provider, you need to consider a few things. All the important things you must consider when buying your shopping proxies are listed below. Thus, you can create a checklist for each one of them and then start browsing for shopping proxies.

Checkpoint 1: Virgin shopping proxies

You need virgin shopping proxies to be able to connect on websites like YeezySupply, Adidas, Eastbay or Supreme New York. These proxies are virgin because they have never been used on websites like this. Thus, once you buy these virgin shopping proxies, you are the first person using them on these websites. Therefore, you are guaranteed to connect with them and no verification or captcha will be triggered.

Checkpoint 2: Whole range of IPs

Sneakers selling websites are very restrictive and upon identifying abusive behavior coming from one IP, they will ban not the IP, but the whole range containing that IP. Therefore, to stand a chance and connect securely to sneakers websites you will have to buy a whole range of IPs. Thus, you must look for providers offering shopping proxies packages with 250 IPs. And even if you use only 10 proxies to connect and purchase your sneakers, you will need the rest of the IP range to be certain that nobody else will use an IP from that range and that you can easily connect to online stores whenever you need.

Checkpoint 3: Shopping proxies authentication options

One major factor you must consider when buying your shopping proxies is the authentication methods the proxy provider offers. Because chances are that you will use any of the commercially available sneakers bots like AIO or you will develop your own bot. And the best thing to do is to buy shopping proxies that offer both IP auth and User:Pass auth. In this way, you make sure that there are no restrictions for connecting and diverting your requests through the proxies’ IPs.

Checkpoint 4: Proxy refresh enabled

What happens if you are at the beginning of your shopping buying spree and by mistake you have abused your proxies? Then you must certainly use other proxies because you just banned the who range of IPs of your proxies. This is why, before purchasing your proxies, ask the provider if they allow proxy IP refresh. Usually, you can do this after a set period of time, which in many cases is a 30 days period.

Checkpoint 5: Listed shopping domains

Now, this is a common sense checkpoint on your list. In fact, it is neglected by many people buying proxies. They buy proxies for sneakers shopping, but they never check the number of domains on which they can use their shopping proxies. Therefore, do not do the same mistake. And every time you need to buy shopping proxies, make sure that the sneakers website on which you want to do your buying it is listed as one of the websites on which these proxies can be used. In this way, you make sure that the proxies' IPs you buy are working proxies and you can use them without any restrictions.

Checkpoint 6: Guarantees from your proxy provider

You need some sort of guarantees from your proxy provider. We are not talking about a contract. But you must make sure that the provider from where you are buying your proxies is the best-suited one. You can do this by checking if they sell shopping proxies for the website you need, they have a great customer support and their reviews are great. Once you have these kinds of guarantees, you can buy shopping proxies without any issues.

 Friday, January 19, 2018

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