This is a simple guide that you can use in your quest to buy Facebook proxies for your projects. IPLease is a user-friendly, intuitive website, but if you need further guidance on how to buy Facebook proxies, read this article.



Do you need private proxies?


The first question that many people disregard in their buying journey is if they need private proxies. Instead of making this mistake, you should stop and consider if you need private proxies for your Facebook marketing.


For example, for Facebook marketing operations where only a couple of accounts are used, there is no need for any kind of proxies. Two accounts can safely and easily connect to Facebook from the same IP. However, if you plan to create and scale a marketing operation and develop several Facebook accounts, then you must buy private proxies.



Identify what proxies are needed


After the consideration for buying private proxies, the next logical step is to identify what proxies you can buy. If you plan on using private proxies to connect to only an online service, then you must look for virgin proxies for that service.


In our example, for Facebook marketing, you can look to buy Facebook proxies. These are virgin proxies never used on the social media platform before. Thus, your accounts will be safe connecting through these proxies.


It is worth mentioning that some users will consider buying shared proxies for Facebook. However, we do not advise buying shared proxies because social media websites are very restrictive. And using shared proxies can trigger account bans.



How many Facebook proxies to buy


If your marketing operation is during the project phase, then you can buy 10 social media proxies. We recommend starting with 10 social media proxies and scaling the operation after the first accounts have developed a following.


From IPLease homepage, you must navigate to the Services tab and select “Social Media Proxies”. And once you are directed to the social media proxies page, choose the package SMMP-10 and press Signup Now.



Choosing the billing cycle


Once you reach the order page, the first option to select is the billing cycle. You can choose monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual payments. Choose the best option suited to you.


It is worth mentioning that the option selected will not have any impact on the social media proxies assigned to you. The billing cycle is your decision only.


Choose website usage – where are you going to use your proxies


From the bullet point menu, choose only one option. This option represents the social media platform where the proxies will be used to connect account. In this case, you can choose Facebook and move to the next one.


Moreover, if you want to buy proxies for Facebook and for Instagram, it is advisable to buy a Facebook proxy package and another one for Instagram. In this way, virgin proxies for the underlying services will be allocated. And the right proxies assigned to you. Thus, eliminating any potential risk in regard to flagged IPs.



Choose account type – how proxies will be used


Some marketers buy proxies to simply create accounts and sell them. While others use the proxies to automate accounts. Regardless of your intent choose it from the menu displayed. It is important to choose the correct option because this is an important factor in allocating the correct proxies for your marketing campaign.





Choose proxies region


Like most Facebook proxies users, the United States region is the first option when developing and automating accounts. However, IPLease offers the option of allocating Facebook proxies from Europe. This is an important factor for those looking to develop marketing strategies at a local, European level. And for those wanting to develop a truly global operation, a mix of the USA and Europe proxy allocation scheme is offered.



Other inquiries


Many will disregard this part of the Facebook proxies buying process, however, it is important and you should always mention relevant factors. Any mention is important and sometimes crucial in allocating the correct proxies for a social media marketing operation. Thus, if you need to mention anything, just contact IPLease sales department.



Promo codes for IPLease?


IPLease allows the use of promo codes upon checkout. By pressing Continue below the Order Summary, you will be directed to the checkout page where a promo code field is available. Here, if you have any promo code, use it to receive a discount. The required steps are simple. First, you must insert the promo code and then click on Validate Code and the buying cart's price will update to include the promotional discount.

 Thursday, September 14, 2017

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