A private proxy provider's offering is overwhelming for those looking to buy proxies for the first time. There is always the risk of not choosing the right proxies for the required tasks. And sometimes, this risk can endanger a project's life span. While some online projects can just go by using shared proxies, other projects require the use of dedicated virgin private proxies. This can be an even more confusing factor, especially for new comers to the private proxy world.



What are dedicated virgin proxies?


Dedicated virgin proxies are nothing more, nothing less than private proxies. Their main benefit is their “virgin” history. Meaning they have never been used before. These proxies offer the advantage of being able to connect to every online service available today.


This is an important aspect that you should consider when deciding what proxies you need to buy for your project. While you might not need virgin proxies for the project at hand, it is important to know how to analyze a project's need for proxies.


In comparison to cheap shared proxies, virgin ones are more expensive. Some people might consider the premium price of virgin proxies as a marketing trick. Indeed, at first, a virgin proxy selling at a price double than a shared one looks suspicious. Especially because at a glance, both virgin proxies and the shared ones are just an IP and PORT. However, the price difference is justifiable when one starts considering how and when to use the proxy.



The risk of shared proxies


For example, a shared proxy might not be able to connect a user's account to Instagram. And even if the user can connect to the social media platform through a shared proxy, the account connecting through it is at risk of getting banned. This ban can be triggered by the abusive behavior of the proxy's other users. Therefore, to eliminate such risks, somebody using proxies for social media needs private dedicated ones. And more often than not, they need virgin ones.



When are virgin proxies a must?


Virgin proxies are a must when the user faces the risk of a ban. In other words, a virgin proxy is required when the user risk losing something because of a proxy's history.


As mentioned above, if the user risks an account block because of a private proxy's poor history, then virgin proxies must be considered. For example, consider the case of using private proxies for Instagram. It is well known the platform's restrictiveness. And any issue with an IP can trigger an account's block or a phone verification. Both these risks can lead to potentially losing the account. Moreover, the user can incur some financial or business loss.



Another consideration for using virgin proxies


In other instances, even if the platform is not restrictive and somebody can connect an account through a shared proxy, a virgin one is a better fit. Especially if the account connecting through the proxy will be logged in for long period of times, or even logged in on a permanent basis.


In such circumstances, using a virgin proxy brings the benefit of eliminating the risk of future bans. Just consider if the account is logged in, on a permanent basis, through a shared proxy. And somebody else sharing the proxy with you abuses their access to the same online platform. Now the shared proxy's IP and everyone connecting through it will be flagged. Even your account. This risk can be mitigated, even eliminated if the proxy used is a virgin and dedicated one. Being virgin, it means that its history is clean. And because it is dedicated [the proxy's use] it means that nobody can abuse it.



Some virgin proxies available today


Proxy providers started offering virgin proxies under the name of online services for which they sell. In this way, there is a clear distinction between the proxies one can buy. For example, social media proxies are virgin proxies, with a clean IP, that were never used before to connect to any social network.


Other virgin proxies one can buy are shopping proxies such as Amazon proxies. These proxies have never been used on the Amazon website. Thus, if you buy them, you can safely review and vote products.



A question of how to think if you need virgin proxies


The simple question you need to ask yourself when considering if you need virgin proxies for your project is if you are going to connect and login any account through the proxy. If the answer is no, then you can safely use any shared proxy you find. However, if the answer is yes and accounts will be connected and logged through proxies, then you can start looking for virgin proxies.

 Thursday, September 14, 2017

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