In the last article, we drew the difference between public and private proxies. Moreover, we also mentioned and shown that there is a difference between shared and dedicated proxies. We are going to show when you can use shared proxies and when must opt in for private, dedicated proxies. Depending on a project's needs, one proxy type can be more beneficial than the other.



Advantages of shared proxies


As mentioned previously, shared proxies are private proxies used by several users at the same time. This means that both the proxy's performance and costs are split between the proxy users.


The main advantage of shared proxies is their price. Usually, a shared proxy can cost 50% less than a private, dedicated proxy. While for a single shared proxy, the price difference is insignificant, it becomes significant when a project needs to use several hundred or thousands of proxies.


While the price and costs benefits are advantageous for shared proxies, their performance is also split between several users. Moreover, when the shared proxy's IP is used by several users at the same time, the risk of getting an IP block on a particular web service increases.



Advantages of private proxies


In comparison to shared proxies, private proxies do not have the risk of getting an IP block due to other user's abusive behavior. Thus, the main advantage of private proxies is the full control over the traffic passing through the proxy servers.


The control over the proxy's usage gives the private proxy's user the power to use his proxies' IPs with the most sensible and restrictive online services. If you plan on using private proxies, another great advantage is the ability they offer you to test a web service limits. For example, if you buy private proxies and you are the sole user, you can test the limit of a website to clearly identify the point when an account or IP gets blocked. This can be a valuable information when trying to automate online tasks.



When to use shared proxies


Now that you saw the advantages of shared proxies, the next question arising is when you can use shared proxies, for what type of services.


The main advantage of shared proxies is the low cost and the large volume or IPs you can buy with a limited amount of money. However, because other users are also using the proxy's IP, there is always the risk of getting the IPs banned and any accounts connecting to it blocked. Therefore, the best way to use shared proxies is by implementing them in projects where a large volume of IPs are needed, the connection and requests to a web server are limited and no account login required. Thus, projects such as web scrapers, price scrapers or crawlers are best suited to use shared proxies.



When to use private proxies


Private proxies or dedicated proxies can be used for projects where account login is required, the connection to the web service is almost permanent and the IPs history is important in keeping the connection open.


A simple way of thinking if you need private proxies is to consider the importance of the IP and the duration needed to keep the connection open. And the higher the IP importance and the longer the duration, the more important becomes the use of private proxies.


In addition, if your project requires private proxies, you should also consider if your project requires general private proxies or dedicated virgin proxies.



What are dedicated virgin proxies


Dedicated virgin proxies are private proxies assigned to be used on a particular website or type of web services. These proxies are called virgin because they have never been used to connect to the required service. Thus, their IP's history with the web service is clean. Therefore, the buyer of dedicated virgin proxies should expect private proxies never used before and their connectivity to the desired service shouldn't be an issue.


Dedicated virgin proxies are usually sold for restrictive websites where account login are required. And the proxy service name borrowed the web service name. For example, if you want dedicated virgin proxies for Instagram, you can buy Instagram proxies. Or for classified ads websites, you can find classified ads proxies.


With recent years development, the most popular web services become very restrictive and sometimes, using shared proxies or general private proxies is not enough. And the only option to connect to such services is through dedicated virgin proxies.




 Thursday, September 14, 2017

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