With the new Facebook News Feed roll-out, maintaining and managing a business page will not bring the same reach as previously. The news indicates that Facebook is testing a new feed in several countries. Moreover, it is clearly indicated that this new News Feed will diminish the reach of pages. However, there is a way in which you can maintain your reach and bring new visitors to your business page and subsequently to your website. This can be achieved with the help of Facebook proxies. Thus, the new News Feed even if it impacts your strategy, will not impact your page’s reach.

The new Facebook News Feed without Facebook proxies

The new News Feed, which at the moment is tested in several countries has a different algorithm than the present one. With the new News Feed, users will only receive in their feed only two kinds of posts. The first kind of posts are updates from their friends and the second one are updates and sponsored ads.

Thus, with this news feeds, if you are running several business pages, you will not manage to get the same reach as previously. Not only that, but you also risk your page will not reach anyone at all. Thus, all your efforts to develop and maintain a social media marketing strategy will be useless. However, there is a way in which you can continue your marketing efforts and reach users on Facebook. This new approach, which actually is not that new, but is already used, involves social media proxies for Facebook.

What are Facebook proxies

For those of you who are not aware of Facebook proxies, these are private proxies allocated to be used on Facebook. Through these Facebook proxies, you will be able to connect and control several accounts from the same server. Thus, avoiding the account to IP limit ratio imposed by Facebook and other social media platform.

Another great feature presented by Facebook proxies is that they are virgin proxies, this means they have never been used on the social media platform before. Thus, any account you connect through these proxies will not risk getting blocked by Facebook. This is an important aspect because you will use these proxies to connect your accounts several times in a week. Whereas, with other private proxies, that do not have a clean IP, you risk triggering account verification everytime you login. Or worse, not being able to connect at all.

Why you need Facebook proxies for the new News Feed

The main argument for which you should consider Facebook proxies is the ability to maintain your reach and continue developing your Facebook marketing strategy.

Due to the new News Feed, your pages will not reach a lot of people. However, if you use Facebook proxies, you can develop accounts for each social media proxy in use. Thus, if you buy ten social media proxies, you have the ability to develop ten social media accounts.

Following creating and developing accounts through your proxies, you will be able to reach and develop a friends base with which you can later interact. Because, as we saw, the new News Feed updated algorithm diminishes the reach of business pages, but not the reach of friends' update. Therefore, with the help of your freshly acquired private proxies, your Facebook accounts develop a friends base which will receive updates from your accounts. So, you can use these accounts to post news and shares from your website.

In addition, you can use the same accounts to reach Facebook groups which have the same interest as your business. Therefore, not only you can advertise and promote your business to your friends, but also to new, potential customers on niche related groups. Moreover, because your website or business post and share come from other fellow Facebook users, potential customers will be more inclined to click the post and explore your business’s proposal.

A marketing setup with Facebook proxies

If you see the value of using Facebook proxies, you must know that there are certain tools that you need to use for developing a social media marketing strategy. These tools are a social media automation tool which allows account to connect through Facebook proxies. And a virtual private server to connect your automation tool and accounts 24-7. Regarding Facebook proxies, you can buy them by choosing Social Media proxies from IPLease. And for social media automation, we recommend you check FollowLiker, a tool that allows accounts connecting through private proxies. And regarding the virtual private server question, you can get any Windows-based VPS available on the market today.

 Sunday, October 22, 2017

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