In the second part of our guide on link building strategy with SEO proxies, you will learn the steps necessary in actually building backlinks with the help of private proxies.

While in the first part we focused on learning what SEO proxies are and how to use them, now you will learn about researching domains for link building and using SEO proxies to create content and post backlinks.

Research domains to build backlinks with SEO proxies

The first step in using private proxies for SEO efficiently and profitably is to research for domains, websites and platforms, where to post content and links to create a backlink profile for your website.

The first thing you need to do is to create a list of niche relevant forums and blogs where you are allowed to post threads and comments with links in them. These links will later be indexed by search engines and will become the backlink profile of your website.

You can conduct the research either manually by searching Google for blogs and forums relevant to your niche. Or you can use Scrapebox and SEO proxies to scrape search engines for blogs and forums. Regardless of the way you create this list, the next step must be performed manually.

Once you have compiled your list, it is time to manually review each domain and visit it, in your browser, to choose which ones are the best for posting links towards your website. Once you have shortlisted the domains on which you will post your links, it is time to start using your SEO proxies.

Use SEO proxies to create multiple profiles

Once you reached this step, it is time to actively use your private proxies for SEO purposes. The first step you need to perform is to create emails address. This must be done by using either Hotmail or Gmail.

Each email address must be created through an individual private proxy. In this way, each email is anonymous and segregated from the others. And once you have created your email addresses, you can start creating forum profiles and blog accounts where login is required for posting comments.

Post forum threads through private proxies

Now, after you gain access and created your accounts on forums and blogs relevant to your niche and keywords, it is time to start posting forum threads and blog comments.

From each account connecting through private proxies, you can create rich keyword content. This content will help search engines index your links in a niche-relevant keyword populated page. Basically, through these forum threads and blog comments, rich in keywords and with links towards your website, you will instruct search engines that your website is relevant. And they [search engines] should index it [your website] accordingly.

Backlink ratio through private proxies

The first thought that comes into the mind of those using private proxies for SEO is to create and post as many backlinks as possible. However, this is not the best approach. Moreover, you should actually start creating a ratio of posts to links posted to avoid your accounts getting blocked for spammy behavior.

Therefore, it is recommended that through the accounts connected through private proxies you should post links every once in a while, after a pre-determined number of threads or comments posted.

For example, if you plan on posting on a forum, you should never post with all your accounts in every thread. First, you should start creating content, comments helpful to other users and not include any links whatsoever. And after several of such comments are posted, you can start posting links towards your website.

It is advisable to create your own ration. And for each account connecting through private proxies, a link should be posted only after a number of relevant threads or comments have been posted. In this particular example, you can create a ratio of five to one. This means that for each five helpful forum threads you will post one with a link towards your website.

The scaling opportunity through SEO proxies

While it looks as not many links will be posted through such a ratio, its power and efficiency lie in the number of SEO proxies you will use. Therefore, if you follow this strategy, and post 50 threads or comments with each account, your website will end up with almost ten links per account.

It does not sound much for one account, but if you employ 20 SEO proxies, you will have 20 accounts with ten links. This results in almost 200 links for your website. And because these links were created from separate accounts, from different proxies with different IPs, your links will not risk any blocks and they will not be deleted.

 Sunday, October 15, 2017

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