Buying and using social media proxies for marketing is not enough to be successful and have a profitable operation. If you plan on using social media proxies for such services, then you should start thinking actively about ways in which to keep them clean and safe. In this way, you will mitigate the risk of getting your proxies flagged.


In this article, you will see the risks your proxies face when used to connect accounts to social media platforms. Moreover, you will learn the steps needed in maintaining your proxies clean and connect safely and securely to the desired social network.



3 risks for social media proxies


When used, different proxies face different risks. For social media ones, the risks are different than for private proxies used for scraping or anonymity. Thus, you should consider these risks and take the necessary steps to mitigate them.


Risk #1 Abusive behavior


The first risk your private proxies face when used on social media accounts is the abusive behavior knowingly or unknowingly promoted by your accounts. For example, you can develop and manage ten accounts through ten Facebook proxies. A commonly risk-free setup. However, if you do not pay attention and start aggressively promoting these accounts and their behavior, sooner or later, they will face phone verifications. And your Facebook proxies will face the risk of getting flagged.


Once a social media proxy is flagged on a certain online platform, any accounts connecting subsequently through it will be blocked and a phone verification triggered. Thus, the underlying proxy will be rendered unusable. In the above example, the Facebook proxy will be blocked and you will not manage to connect any other accounts through it.


Risk #2 Multiple accounts connected through the same proxy


Another risk that can render social media proxies blocked and unusable is the mismanagement of the number of accounts connecting at a moment in time through a single proxy.


For example, most social networks, as in the case of Instagram, lets you use up to 5 accounts per IP. Thus, to connect your accounts safely and keep your proxies risk-free, you should connect always less than five accounts per proxy. Moreover, this ratio is recommended for accounts managed manually. If you plan on using your social media proxies to connect automated accounts, then you should use the golden ration of one to one. Therefore, through each private proxy, you should connect only one social media proxy.


Risk #3 Wrong allocation


This risk is usually faced when the usage of social media proxies is not documented correctly. For example, this risk occurs when through one private proxy you connect one particular account. And after a period of time, the same account is connected through another proxy. The different IP triggers alarms bell and both your account and IP will be blocked. Thus, the account faces a phone verification test while your proxy's IP could be flagged permanently.



Mitigating and keeping your social media proxies clean


If you use your proxies correctly, you can use them to connect social media accounts for a long period of time. As long as you monitor your accounts' behavior and your proxies connectivity, there shouldn't be any issues encountered during your marketing campaigns. Bellow, there is a way in which to keep your proxies' history clean.



Track your proxies' use


One way to keep your proxies clean is to always track what accounts connect through them at all time. And when an account is created, assign it to be used only through one proxy. And use the account – proxy pair indefinitely and as long as you have the proxy under control, do not change this pair.


A great method for keeping track and record your proxies' use is to track any connection and login passing through them. This record can be maintained in a spreadsheet. In this way, you can have all the details in one place.



Refresh your social media proxies' IPs


If, by any chance, your social media proxies will be blocked on a certain network chances are you will be able to use that proxy's IP again for the same network. Thus, that IP will be useless for your marketing campaign. However, if one of your proxies' gets flagged, you can always ask for an IP refresh. This refresh simply means that for your private proxy for social media, you will receive another IP.


For example, if five of your ten proxies get flagged by a social network. You can ask for an IP refresh. And instead of having five proxies blocked on the social network, you will receive new IPs and all your proxies will work and connect again on the social network.


 Tuesday, October 10, 2017

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