Private proxies can be used in many ways and forms. Some users buy them to automate certain tasks, other buy private proxies to scale their marketing efforts, while others will buy to mask their real IP. Regardless of the reason for which one will buy private proxies, we have created this short article to describe most of the technical factors one will encounter when buying private proxies.



Shared, private or virgin proxies?


The first technical element one must consider, even before buying private proxies is what usage type their proxies will have.


For some actions, shared proxies are the best option. They are cheap private proxies shared by three or four users. This means that both the costs and performance of these proxies are shared between its users. These proxies are the best option for building scrapers and perform anonymous actions around the Internet. However, shared proxies are not suited for social media or to connect and login accounts through them.


On the other hand, if one needs to use private proxies to connect accounts to a certain online platform, he can use dedicated private proxies or virgin proxies. Dedicated private proxies are proxies allocated to a sole user, thus both the costs and performance of these proxies are incurred by their sole user.


Virgin proxies are dedicated proxies never used on a certain online platform prior to their allocation. This means they are guaranteed to work and connect to an underlying online platform. Usually, virgin proxies are used for some of the most restrictive websites today. Thus, one can buy virgin proxies to use on social media platforms or to use on websites such as sneaker selling ones or for websites selling event tickets.



Private proxies location


For some proxy types, choosing the location of the proxy server is an important factor in the buying process. Most private proxies are located either in North America, United States and Canada or in Western Europe.


However, for certain uses, a more specific location selection is required. For example, classified ads proxies are used on classified ads websites. And these websites have local subdomains. Thus, once accessing these websites, the visitor is directed to a local subdomain. Therefore, if one wants to use private proxies on classified ads websites, he must be able to choose the location of its proxies at a state level.



Authenticating and connecting


One factor that must be considered by private proxy users is to choose the authenticating method to their proxies. There are two main ways of connecting to private proxies, either by authenticating through username and passwords or through IP.


A private proxy authentication through username and password can be used by anybody who has the IP, PORT, username and password. On the other hand, IP authenticated proxies will be accessed by the user located at a specific IP address.


Both these authentication methods have pros and cons. It depends on the user's needs and system to choose which method is best suited to its needs.



Delivery – the proxy list


Once the proxies are purchased, they will be delivered in the form of a proxy table or list. This list contains all the details required by the user to manage and use his proxies safely.


Moreover, for tools that allow the upload of proxy lists, the proxy list can be usually downloaded as a CSV or XLS file. And then uploaded and eliminating the need to manually insert each private proxy details. This is a handy feature, especially for projects where several tens or hundreds of proxies are required.



The last step before using private proxies – testing them


The last step and action required before starting to use the freshly bought private proxies is to test them. The test must include testing of several factors such as the proxy server location confirmation, the connection speed and its connectivity.


For example, one can use to check the proxy server location and details. Also, speed test websites can be used to check the server's speed, as these websites will test the proxy server Internet connection. In addition, if the proxy is bought for connecting to a certain online platform, a connection must be performed between the private proxy and the underlying online platform.



What's next – the following steps


After private proxies are bought and tested, it is time to start implementing them and use them. However, if during the use these proxies certain issues arise, the user can always request a proxy IP refresh. This means for the same number of private proxies, the user will receive fresh IP through which he can continue and start the project again.

 Wednesday, October 4, 2017

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