Black Friday is a selling craze. If you are a marketer, you probably think of ways of getting onboard this craze. One way of getting exposure to Black Friday and profit from it is to buy social media proxies, develop social accounts and promote to the largest audience you can reach. While social media proxies will not help you sell on Black Friday, they can help you develop a big audience to which to promote products.



Buy social media proxies from IPLease


Social media proxies are private proxies used for connecting and managing several accounts from the same server. Connecting and developing accounts through them is safe because they are virgin proxies. This means they have never been used on social media platform before and their IP’s history is clean. Therefore, upon connecting through them your accounts do not risk any blocks nor trigger a phone verification.


The major benefit of using social media proxies is that a marketer using a social media automation tool can develop tens or hundreds of accounts. Subsequently, develop an audience big enough to advertise and promote products.


IPLease offers social media proxies which you can buy to start developing your social media audience and promote products and services. IPLease’s proxies for social media are guaranteed to connect to the desired social media platform because of their clean history.



What proxies to buy?


One question to ask yourself is where to promote offers and what proxies to buy? Social media proxies are divided and sold for each individual social network. Therefore, if you decide on creating an Instagram marketing campaign, then you should buy Instagram proxies. On the other hand, if you wish to promote your services on Facebook, then Facebook proxies are necessary. In this way, by buying the proxies for the corresponding social media platform, you are sure your accounts will be connected safely.


For this Black Friday, depending on your product, you can buy social media proxies for any network you need. The rule of thumb is to research where your audience is. And then buy proxies for that social network to develop your marketing campaign.



Best networks for Black Friday marketing


Not all social media networks are fit to develop a Black Friday marketing campaign. Some are a better fit than others. However, as a rule of thumb, you should only consider the networks with a large audience.


The three best options for which you should buy social media proxies and consider developing a marketing campaign for Black Friday are Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. All three have audiences in the millions. In addition, networks like Pinterest are a good marketing platform for your offers because of its audience's propensity to online purchases.


For each of these three online platforms, you can buy social media proxies. For Facebook, there are Facebook proxies that will safely connect your accounts to the largest social network. Where you can advertise to targeted groups of like-minded users.


And on Instagram, marketing through Instagram proxies will help you reach millennials. The most coveted market segment for most products and services.


Regardless on which network you start developing your campaign, you must abide by a few rules. First, do not start promoting your marketing campaign until your accounts reach a certain number of followers. This way, the accounts will not look spammy. Second, use a content distribution formula. This means that for each marketing post, share at least three other posts that create engagement. Third, do not push it all in on Black Friday. This is only the start and Christmas is coming. And you will be able to market again to your audience during the Christmas season.


Therefore, do not spam with your accounts. Instead look to develop a relationship with your audience.



Black Friday is too far away


It might look like Black Friday is too far away, on the 24th of November. However, if you want to be able to sell on Black Friday, this is the perfect time to start. With almost two months before Black Friday, you can buy social media proxies and start developing your accounts.


The setup buildup does not take long. You need to rent a virtual private server, a social media automation tool and social media proxies. The time-consuming part is the development of your accounts.


Therefore, by starting with two months before Black Friday, your accounts have enough time to reach considerable followings. Therefore, during the Black Friday weekend, you will be able to promote your offers and get the highest returns on your investment.

 Saturday, September 30, 2017

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