If your group of friends is busy and the task of buying tickets to your favorite artist's concert or event is your duty, you might encounter some issues. At first, you will notice that ticketing websites are restrictive. Depending on your location, you will not be able to connect to certain ticketing websites. And even if you connect to them, you will be able to purchase only a limited number of items. However, you can buy ticketing proxies to circumvent these restrictions and connect to any ticketing website and purchase as many tickets as you need.



Restrictions in buying tickets online


Traditionally, the event tickets market developed a thriving secondary market. This is because of the limited supply of tickets and demand exceeding this supply. Regardless if we are talking about a sporting event, concert or music festival. All these events present the same issues, their limited number of tickets make it possible for secondary markets to develop.


When the ticketing purchase moved online, ticketing selling websites have to restrict the number of purchases one can do from his computer, with the hope of restricting the scalpers' ability to buy a large number of tickets which to sell at a later date.


Therefore, ticketing websites restrict the number of tickets purchased per IP to a number of up to five or eight tickets. Making it difficult for somebody to buy many tickets and sell them at a markup.


Therefore, the traditional scalper selling tickets at double the price encounters more difficulties in buying a large number of tickets. However, because ticketing websites such as Ticketmaster, LiveNation, Evenue, StubHub, Ticketclub or Ticketfly can't make the distinction between scalpers and regular buyers they limited everybody's ability to purchase a lot of tickets online. However, one can still buy more tickets by using ticketing proxies.



What are ticketing proxies


Ticketing proxies are virgin private proxies used to purchase more tickets online. They are virgin proxies, meaning they have never been allocated before for purchasing online items.


Ticketing proxies are usually sold in large proxy packages because of the restrictive nature of ticketing websites. Similar to shopping proxies, these private proxies for ticketing are sold in packages of minimum 250 proxies. This means that for each proxy package you will get one or more IP ranges.


The reason for which ticketing proxies are sold in packages consisting of whole IP ranges is the restrictive nature of ticketing websites. Because when these websites detect suspicious behavior from one IP, they will ban the whole IP's range. Thus, to stay on the safe side, a proxy package for ticketing websites will offer you the whole range of IPs. Thus, if you manage them correctly, you can use your proxies for a long period of time. And buy as many tickets to as many events you want.



Buy ticketing proxies to purchase enough tickets


The use of ticketing proxies becomes evident when one needs to buy more tickets than websites actually allow. For example, consider if you are the one in charge or buying tickets for all your friends to your favorite band concert.


If your group of friends consists of twenty people, you will have difficulties in outright buying tickets for all of them. And leaving some of your friends without tickets is not an option. Therefore, the only solution is to buy ticketing proxies and use them to purchase as many tickets as you need for all your friends. And along the way, bypassing the imposed limit of tickets one can buy.



Manual or automated purchase


To increase the chances of buying enough tickets for your group of friends, you might consider using a ticketing bot. This is a bot which will perform the task of buying tickets online for you. The advantage of using such a bot is the speed at which the purchase is made. Consider that an automated software can make hundreds of requests per minute, a lot more than a human being is capable of.


However, while the use of bots in buying tickets online is appealing, it is also illegal in most states. Therefore, we recommend purchasing your tickets manually through an online browser.


Even if you will use ticketing proxies to connect from multiple IPs and buy more tickets than the imposed limit, perform all your tasks and shopping manually through browsers. In this way, you will stay on the safe side and not risk any penalties.


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 Saturday, September 23, 2017

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