Recently, the proxy review website BestProxyProviders have released a proxy market infographic.

The first thing anybody can notice is the sheer number of providers. However, this is not our focus. Because most of these providers are small companies or one-man-operation and their services are regular private proxies.

We are going to focus on the second part of the infographic, where top dedicated proxy packages are listed. You can check the infographic.


What are dedicated proxy packages?


In comparison to regular private proxies, dedicated proxies are packages assigned to be used on a specific platform. For example, Instagram proxies are assigned and allocated to be used for connecting accounts on the social network.

Most proxy providers do not have dedicated proxies, but as you can see from the infographic, those that have dedicated packages, tend to specialize in selling multiple proxy packages.


The benefits of using dedicated proxies


Before talking about the benefits of using dedicated proxies, you should consider the risks of not using dedicated ones.

The major risk of buying regular private proxies instead of dedicated ones is connection issues. In other words, if you buy regular proxies you risk buying proxies that were previously used on that platform and their history might not be clean. Hence, you might be blocked from accessing the platform.

Getting back to Instagram, if you buy regular proxies that were previously blocked on Instagram, your accounts (that you connect through these proxies) could be blocked and suspended.

This is the main risk when using regular proxies. However, if instead of using these proxies you buy dedicated Instagram proxies, your connection is certain because these IPs were never used on Instagram before and they have a clean history.

The same goes for other packages, such as Gaming, Sneakers or Classified ads proxies. They all have virgin proxies, never used on these services.


Where does IPLease fit in?



As you can see, we at IPLease offer dedicated proxy packages for most online platforms. From social media proxies and ticketing ones to shopping proxies (for sneakers) and SEO proxies. In this way, when you buy from IPLease you have the certainty that you’ll connect without any issues. And you don’t risk getting flagged IPs, previously abused by other users. All dedicated packages have IPs allocated for the first time, so you don’t have to worry about any connectivity issue.


When to choose between dedicated proxies and regular ones?


Most dedicated packages are allocated for major online platforms. This means that you can easily buy proxies for social networks or classified ads websites. However, you won’t find any proxies for smaller, lesser-known platforms. In which case you will have to do some research because there is no readily available solution.

So, to decide whether you need dedicated proxies or regular private (or shared) proxies, check the elements of this list:

  • You use your proxies on only one platform
  • You login an account through your proxies
  • The account log in always uses the proxy’s IP to connect
  • Using a random IP could lead to account blocks

If you tick three of the above four list elements, then you need to buy dedicated proxies, even if there aren’t any packages sold by providers for this particular platform.

Luckily, there’s an alternative!


The alternative to dedicated proxies


The only alternative you could use, instead of dedicated proxy packages, are virgin proxies. These proxies have clean IPs and they have never been allocated before.

Hence, no matter on what platform you use them to connect accounts, you will be allowed as they have never been used. So, nobody will tie your connection’s IP to past blocks or accounts suspensions.

You can consider virgin proxies as dedicated proxies for any online platform you want. And if you need further guidance, you can always contact us.

 Wednesday, October 24, 2018

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