Shopping proxies are among the most sensitive subjects in the world of private proxies. Not many people, websites or forums will talk about shopping proxies. It is almost as they are a secret society in itself and people will not consider talking about these proxies that much. So we think we should start talking about these proxies a bit more. So let’s begin by looking at what these proxies are, where can one use them. Moreover, we are going to talk also about potential setups and where you can get shopping proxies. And finally, we are going to discuss shopping proxies.

What are shopping proxies?

Shopping proxies are virgin private proxies used for „coping” online for items from e-commerce websites that can later be sold on secondary markets. These [shopping] proxies are virgin private proxies because the websites where they are used have very restrictive rules. And upon discovering or detecting suspicious behavior from an IP they will ban access from it.

This is why it is important to use these shopping proxies responsively. And you need them to be virgin proxies because, in this way, they will be able to connect. And you have the certainty that shopping proxies have never been used previously and their IPs history on these websites have not been flagged or tainted by previous users.

In other words, when buying virgin shopping proxies, you know exactly that you are the first user of their IPs.

Where can you use shopping proxies?

There are several websites where you can use these shopping proxies to cop for items. To name just a few websites: Adidas US, Footlocker, Footaction, Eastbay, Finishline, SneakersNStuff, YeezyStore, DSM US and UK, Jimmy Jazz, City Gear and several others.

Basically, you can use shopping proxies in all major fashion and sneaker selling websites from the United States or the UK. And as mentioned, because they are virgin ones, you will be able to connect your accounts without any issues.

Shopping proxies setup

When it comes to develop a setup and start coping online with the help of shopping proxies, you will need to consider several things.

First, you will need a VPS or virtual private server. This is basically a remote, in the could, a computer that you can always keep turned on, so you do not need to worry about keeping your personal PC connected online at all times.

Second, you will need an automation tool, such as a shopping bot, or sneaker bot. Regardless of how it is called, you need a bot to do the bidding and shopping for you. One reason is that these bots can send several buying requests through different shopping proxies IPs at the same time. Thus, doing this manually will be almost impossible. So leave the machines to do the job for you.

The silence around shopping proxies

As mentioned, nobody talks about shopping proxies that much. And there is one major reason for this. The money involved. In other words, using shopping proxies to cop online products it is so lucrative that nobody really wants to talk about it. You should have that in mind.

Where can you get shopping proxies?

There are several websites selling shopping proxies. However, not all of these websites are selling virgin shopping proxies. This is why it is important that you buy shopping proxies from a trusted proxy provider.

One such provider is, here you will find virgin shopping proxies for your setup. Moreover, as these proxies are virgin you know their IPs are clean. Furthermore, you should also consider the login and authentication of your shopping proxies. Because some sneaker bots will allow IP authentication, while others will only do username and passwords authentication. Thus, regardless of which shopping sneaker bot you are using, proxies from IP lease offer both IP and username authentication, so you do not need to worry that much about this factor.

Shopping proxies packages aren’t expensive

Some will look at a shopping proxy package and think that it is expensive. However, you should know that these proxies are sold either in half IP ranges or whole IP ranges. This means that for the amount paid, you will get at least 125 IPs. This is an important factor because shopping websites tend to ban whole ranges of IPs. Thus, it is best to have the whole 250 IPs at your disposal. In this way, you know that there is nobody using the rest of the IP range.

 Friday, March 2, 2018

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