If you have a website and you do not do online marketing, with or without private proxies, you will have limited success with your online business. This is why in 2018 it is important to actively do marketing for your business. One reason for doing it is that competition has been increasing in all domains and niches. So, doing marketing and using private proxies is required, not only to improve your website’s or business rankings and chances of success but to actually maintain your current marketing position and ranking. This is why we have created this guide with seven marketing strategies through private proxies that are still working in 2018.

For some of these strategies, you will need a proper setup and employ some extra tools. But for other ones, you will simply need private proxies or other types of proxies such as social media proxies or youtube proxies. Regardless of which strategy you choose to develop, you will need to focus on always improving your strategy and finding new ways to develop your marketing campaigns and strategy.

Before we continue, it is important to note that positive results are not guaranteed to show up if there is no active involvement and the marketing campaign is not performed on an almost consistent basis. So let’s start and see which marketing strategies with private proxies you can employ for your marketing.

1. SEO campaigns with SEO proxies

Everybody uses Google as their default search engine when they are looking to search for information or products. In the same way, you should think of Google search as one of your primary traffic sources for your website or business. In other words, you need to rank your website as high as possible and keep those rankings at all costs.

For SEO and Search marketing, you need to first focus on Google and then on the other search engines, like Bing. However, it must be mentioned that what works for Google will also work for the other search engines. So the steps and actions you do for your SEO score don’t have to differ.

One way of improving your SEO rankings is through using SEO proxies. These are private proxies that can be used to scrape search engines and look for opportunities where you can leave content with links pointing towards your websites. These links posted through SEO proxies, or private proxies for SEO, will become the backlink profile for your business or website. Which in turn will help improve or maintain the SERP, search engine result page, of your website.

2. Blogging and content distribution through private proxies

Blogging and content marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tactics that one needs in order to improve its marketing strategy and increase conversion rates. Without any doubt, private proxies can help webmasters and marketers improve their blogging and content distribution so that their message and knowledge about the market expands and reaches new readers. Readers that later could become potential new customers for the business. This is why not only content creation is important but also content distribution. And one way of distributing such content is through private proxies.

Private proxies are required for developing a content distribution network. In other words, proxies are not used for creating content, but only to facilitate reaching new readers. And this can be performed in two different ways.

First, private proxies, where actually SEO proxies are required, can be used like in doing SEO tasks, but the only difference is that they are used for scraping search engines for finding opportunities where the content can be shared. Such as on forums and blogging platforms.

Second, private proxies, this time for social media, can be used for sharing content around a vast network of accounts and followers. In this way, not only that your content is distributed, but you also will offer social proof of your knowledge and market status when somebody will land on your content.

3. Guest posting with SEO proxies

No, you can't do guest posts through SEO proxies. But you can use private proxies for SEO to look for guest posting opportunities. Which it [guest posting] is one of the best marketing strategies one can develop and continue developing in 2018. The guest post area of marketing is a great one both for new businesses and websites as well as for established ones for one particular reason. The links that you can create through guest post opportunities are usually in content links. This means that guest post opportunities, found through SEO proxies, can help improve your organic link growth. Which in turn will help bring extra traffic and as well improve your search engine rankings position. 

For those of you who do not know, looking for guest post opportunities through SEO proxies is an easy task. One simply needs to scrape search engines looking for keywords such as guest post opportunities or write for us. In other words, any keyword that will indicate a website is accepting guest post opportunities.

4 YouTube commenting through private proxies

This is one of the most lucrative and least explore marketing ideas on this list. The assumption is simple, the Youtube videos that rank well for the same keywords that you are trying to rank and get discovered by your customers will also bring potential customers to Youtube. And as expected, most of them will get involved and engage with Youtube’s comments. This is why, you should also be present on Youtube, where your potential customers are.

You can do this by using virgin private proxies for Youtube. All you need to do is to use these virgin private proxies to search for niche-related videos and post comments with or withough links pointing towards your website.

As Youtube is the second largest search engine, only second to Google, by using virgin private proxies, you will be able to both attract new customers and as well improve the ranking of your website.

It should be mentioned that you need to use virgin private proxies because Youtube is very restrictive. And once its algorithms detect suspicious behavior coming from one account or IP, it will delete that account or „ghost” the comments posted. „Ghosting” simply means that not everybody will see the comments anymore. Which means these comments are almost as deleted for anyone.

5. Social media proxies for marketing

Everybody loves social media and a bit of marketing on social media never caused any trouble. However, to improve your chances of staying relevant on social media and being discovered, you will need both great content relevant to your niche, as well as improving the content distribution.

For distribution, it is recommended to use social media proxies. These are private proxies for social media and they can be used for develop a large follower’s base.

Note that this should not be confounded with content distribution through blogging. Social media marketing through social media proxies means using social media as a way of staying relevant within your niche. This means that you will have to distribute also the content of other accounts or publications.

So, do not use social media proxies and marketing as your ego distribution. Instead use it with the goal of becoming the authority in your niche.

6. Reviews through private proxies

The world of Internet revolves around reviews. The human world of mouth form of marketing is limited online and the best way using the same principle is by using reviews. As most people will go to review websites to check a product or another website, you can use private proxies to improve your reviews and ranking.

In other words, you can use private proxies to improve your website’s or business review score. And once somebody is reaching to read your reviews, you will be sure they see many positive reviews and convince them that you are the best option for their purchase.

7. Classified ads proxies for local marketing

One thing that nobody talks about, when it comes to online marketing, is the use of local marketing as an extension to its online marketing. In other words, all you have to do is to post ads on local marketing websites, such as classified ads, to improve your business chances of being discover. For example, you can use classified ads proxies to post multiple ads proxies and improve your chances of being discover by people that are also looking locally for similar products. Moreover, you should also take into account that using local marketing and classified ads proxies can be used only as an extension to your main marketing strategy. A very profitable and ROI improvement extension which we must say. 

 Thursday, March 1, 2018

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