All webmasters and marketers want to save money. There is no doubt that everyone looking to develop an online business or a website is looking for the best tools as the lowest available price. This is the case with shared proxies as well. Many webmasters will look into buying shared proxies for their marketing or scraping setup. However, not always cheap is good. And in the private proxy world, it is the same as in web hosting, you get what you paid for. So, if you paid a little, you should expect a little. However, sometimes you can find shared proxies that are worth it and you can use them as you find fit. However, before looking at the tips to find the best-shared proxy provider, let’s see when and how you can use shared proxies.



When can you use shared proxies?


Shared proxies are not recommended to use for everything proxy related. There are only particular cases when using share proxies rather than dedicated private proxies is beneficial.


As a rule of thumb, you should never use shared proxies when you will need to login certain accounts through them. Therefore, it is best to use shared proxies only when there are no accounts involved in the task at hand, for example for data gathering and scraping. Thus, it is not recommended to use shared proxies with social media accounts or sneaker coping account. For those tasks, it’s better to use virgin private proxies. But these proxies are not the subject of this topic. So, let’s see what tips can help you find the best proxy provider.



Not all shared proxies are the same...


... And not all proxy providers are the same. While most proxy providers are offering shared proxies, you should never consider all of them, because like in any market, there are good and terrible proxy providers.


So, even if a proxy provider is selling shared proxies, you should not consider them. Thus, starting with this in mind, let’s see how we can actually filter down the number of providers to just a few, best-suited to your needs.



Shared proxy provider reviews


The first thing you will need to do after deciding you need to buy shared private proxies, you need to look for customer reviews. There are several places where you can find proxy providers reviews. Some of these are review websites such as TrustPilot or ReviewCentre but also marketing and hacking forums.


It is best to look for reviews on marketing forums because here you can also interact with the reviewers and actually ask questions about the proxy providers reviews. This tip should limit further your proxy providers selections. Now, with the selected few, it is time to visit their websites and check a few things.



The number of proxy servers


This is an important aspect you need to consider. Even if you are not going to use shared proxies from all the provider’s servers. You need to check the provider’s servers because this is an important aspect that has a hidden clue behind it.


In other words, a proxy provider with multiple servers, located around the United States or Europe, has a large enough proxy pool to accommodate most of its customers. This means they will always have IP ranges ready to be used and they do not overuse or abuse a limited number of servers and IPs.



Proxy packages on sale


You need shared proxies and all providers are offering such proxies. However, once you landed on a proxy provider’s homepage, you should check for their proxy packages and their number. This factor is important and you should always consider this tip. Because a proxy provider with a large number of proxy packages on offer, you can be sure they have a large IP pool from which they can draw and assign IP addresses to their proxy packages. This is important, for even another factor. Proxy providers will sell their best IPs as virgin private proxies and if they have several proxy packages on offer, such as social media proxies or classified ads ones, it means they can accommodate easily your shared proxy package.



Authentication methods for your shared proxies – a simple testimony


The authentication method is a simple testimony of your proxy provider’s technology. This indicates that the provider has decent enough servers to accommodate authentication methods. Here, you should look for the authentication methods such as Username:Password and IP authentication. If the proxy provider you find has these two authentication methods and ticks all the boxes (tips) listed above, then you can surely choose it as your personal proxy provider.

 Saturday, February 24, 2018

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