Social media proxies have been a hot topic for quite some time. At the same time, you should consider these proxies necessary for your business, especially if your business is active on social media. However, you can’t simply start using social media proxies straight off the bat without considering a few things beforehand. Actually, you can, but the performance of your social media marketing will not be the same and will actually suffer if you do not plan and use your virgin private proxies accordingly. Therefore, here are five so-called „little changes” on which you can act and improve your proxies performance.



Do you need performance when using social media proxies?


Some people will consider that using social media proxies is a performance in itself and they will not consider using or monitoring their social media proxies correctly. Unfortunately, this is true and while most social media proxy users neglect this factors, you should consider them both for you and for your bottom line. Because this is where using social media proxies poorly impact your business. At the bottom line, because you will pay for some, quite expensive, social media proxies and not be able to reap their rewards. So to answer the question, yes! You need performance and you need to monitor it when using social media proxies.



1. Account creation through social media proxies


The first thing you should always consider when using social media proxies is that you do not need to buy accounts because you do not have any guarantee on how these accounts where created. Therefore, you should create your own accounts, there are several forum threads that will teach you how to create social media accounts, the steps required and everything else you need to consider when creating them.



2. The number of accounts connected per IP


Once you created your accounts it is time to connect them to your social media proxies and to the social network they belong to.


Many proxy users will try to connect several accounts for each social media proxy IP, trying to save some money, by limiting the number of accounts they buy. However, this can be a costly action both in terms of time spent and money. For example, connected several accounts through a social media proxy IP usually leads to accounts being flagged and subsequently banned. And the proxies’ IP are flagged. This simply means that all the time and money spent on your social media proxies is wasted.


This is why you should stick to the general rule that for each social media proxy IP you have, you should connect only one account. Thus, going to reverse way, buy a social media proxy IP for each account you try to connect.



3. The platform where social media proxies are used


Another factor that many tend to neglect and if you consider it and make the changes necessary you will manage to improve your social media performance. Here it is worth to mention that not all social media networks will bring the same returns. Thus, before considering which social media network to use, calculate your expected returns.



4. Follow ratios and account’s behavior


You should always monitor these two factors because they only have a negative impact on your account’s behavior. For example, marketers always abuse these two elements. Thus, they always bring negative outcomes.


Therefore, they should be treated with care, and you should always consider these and limit their impact. Moreover, you should never abuse these two things. Furthermore, here you should make your accounts similarly to normal accounts. This means you should follow a certain, limited number of users per day. Also, you should put your accounts to sleep, this means to select a period of 8 to 10 hours per day in which your accounts should not take any actions on the social media network.



5. IP randomization of social media proxies


IP randomization is the feature your social media proxy provider offers you if you decide to change your proxies IPs. For example, you can ask for other IPs every 30 days or so. However, even if this feature is present, it doesn’t mean you should use it, especially if your accounts are performing great. Becuase if you change your IPs, you might trigger security questions and your accounts could be blocked. This is why you should never consider changing your IPs in good times. Don’t do this change and actually stick to your proxies' IP and your accounts’ performance will increase considerably.

 Thursday, February 22, 2018

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