Many webmasters and SEO professionals look at SEO proxies as a Holy-Grail type of product. They buy it, use it and expect wonders for their website’s SEO scores. However, this is not always truth and SEO proxies are not working always as according to plan. This is why you should never consider SEO proxies as a miraculous product that will solve your website’s SEO issues. You should actually consider that SEO proxies need a certain „preparation” before actually using them. This is why we have created this list of seven reasons for which SEO proxies do not actually work always.


Thus, before we start this list you should never expect miraculous outcomes from your SEO proxies. Because, at the end of the day, they are a simple tool that you need to use. So, treat your private proxies for SEO as a tool, not as a magic wand.



1. SEO proxies are used exclusively in automation


One major reason for which SEO proxies don’t always work is that they are used exclusively to perform automated tasks such as scraping the web or posting forum posts or blog comments. However, SEO proxies should never be used exclusively to automate tasks. They should be used in a hybrid setup, where there is a little bit of automation and a little bit of manual input from a human. So, do not do everything automated through your SEO proxies and expect them to work and improve your SEO score.



2. Poor manual use of SEO proxies


Another reason for which SEO proxies do not always work according to plan is that they are used in a poor manual setup. These manual setups are usually developed by beginners in using SEO proxies. And because of their lack of knowledge in this area, they will not manage to make their SEO proxies use work in their favor. Moreover, if they abuse their SEO proxies in any way possible, they might actually impact negatively the websites for which they are used.



3. The niche is saturated


This is true for many websites and domains. Often times, even if SEO proxies are used accordingly, they will not work at their best and they will have a poor performance because the website’s niche is saturated, or too competitive. In this case, SEO proxies won’t work because their intended outcome never show up. In this case, using SEO proxies in a competitive niche it is not recommended unless the website in question is already on the first two pages of SERP. And the private proxies for SEO are used only to give a boost to the website. Or better said, are used as a side-resource, more like a helping hand.



4. SEO proxies are used to start a backlink profile


This should be a golden rule of what not to do. Never use SEO proxies on a fresh website! Wait and develop the website’s backlinks organically before considering SEO proxies. And as mentioned above, even in this case, when the website’s age can be counted in months, SEO proxies can be used only after the initial backlinks are indexed. Moreover, these private proxies should be used only to complement the website’s organically built backlinks.



5. Banned IPs and poor proxies


If you do anything right with your SEO proxies and your SEO performance is still lacking, you should consider the possibility that your private proxies for SEO have banned IPs. This is a valid issue and you should consider this.


The only thing you can do if you spot that your SEO proxies are poor, you should either ask your proxy provider to change your IPs or you should change the proxy provider. Because there is no point in continuing an SEO campaign if your SEO proxies don’t work.



6. The wrong type of proxies used


Here, this reason is addressed to those who buy cheap shared proxies and try to use them to scrape search engines. Only to discover that their proxies are banned or do not work as intended. In this case, never expect good SEO performance if you are not using good or the right private proxies for SEO.



7. Over-used SEO proxies’ IPs


The last reason on our list, that you should consider is to never abuse your SEO proxies’ IPs. You should actually limit the use of your SEO proxies as to not get them banned or flagged as spam. Moreover, as SEO proxies are usually cheaper, if you need to perform a large volume or online queries and requests, you should actually buy more SEO proxies IPs rather than abusing a limited number of IPs.

 Wednesday, February 21, 2018

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