For those who know how to use them, classified ads proxies are some of the best marketing tools one can use to reach a larger customers base and increase both the marketing message and revenue. This is why this guide of six secrets on using classified ads proxies was created. Another reason for which these proxies and classified ads marketing tactics, such as local marketing, are a great way of reaching customers is that not many marketers consider using these classified ads proxies. Or they do not consider using local marketing channels at all. This is why you should learn and consider these proxies as part of your marketing setup and strategy.



1. Use classified ads proxies manually


One of the things that not many marketers consider, when using private proxies, is to actually perform manual tasks through their proxies, even if they are classified ads proxies. The best way of using these proxies is through manual actions. This simply means creating accounts and posting each ad individually, from a browser. This is a secret neglected by many. And for this one, it is recommended you use Mozilla Firefox and Foxy Proxy. The first is the Intenet browser that allows you to change proxies individually and the later is the plugin that allows you to change your IP with the push of a button.



2. Get a phone number for each classified ads proxy


The next thing you will need to consider is to get a phone number for each individual classified ads proxy and subsequently each ad. Many marketers get this wrong and become greedy by not spending some extra money on buying a phone number for each classified ads posted.


However, you should buy one phone number because, in this way, there will be no correlation between your ads posted through proxies. So you do not have to worry about getting your ads, and then your private proxies flagged as spam and blocked.



3. Create your own classified ads text copy


This should be the golden rule of using classified ads proxies, never get your ads copy from a text spinner. Always create the classified ads. Even if you do not want to create it yourself, it is still better to let another „human” recreate it. Thus, if you do not want to create the tests for your classified ads proxies ads, then use Fiverr or another freelancers websites to outsources this.



4. Use exclusively classified ads proxies


Now, it is the time we talk about classified ads proxies and other proxies. Because many will consider using cheaper proxies, like shared proxies or plain private proxies, we have to say that these proxies do not offer the same benefits as classified ads proxies. For example, a package of private proxies, even if virgin ones, will have proxies from all over the United States, whereas a classified ads proxies package will have the proxies’ IPs from a single metropolitan area. Thus, if you buy 10 classified ads proxies for Chicago, you will get 10 IPs from around Chicago. Whereas, if you buy 10 private ones, you could get maybe just 1 IP from Chicago and then rest from cities located both on the East Coast and West Coast. This is why you should always consider only classified ads proxies if you need IPs from a dedicated private area.



5. Learn to not abuse your classified ads proxies


You should never consider using a classified ads proxy for more than one ads per ad-cycle. This is a secret that is in plain sight. You should never risk getting your ads and proxies blocked because you have posted several ads at the same time.


This is why you should post only one ad per cycle. And then, once the ad is removed, pause that particular proxy use for one day and then use it again.



6. Not all niches are profitable to use with classified ads proxies


This is a common sense secret, that many people neglect and forget to consider it. But, actually, not many niches can benefit from using classified ads proxies. First, not all niches include physical objects that are worth the price of a classified ads proxy. In this case, your proxy setup will end up costing more than the product at hand. Second, only some products are worth advertising around the year. And you should consider using classified ads proxies only for these products for one single reason. Their cost and commission are worth advertising through classified ads proxies.

 Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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