Do you use SEO proxies? Probably not because like most people, you haven’t even thought about using it. However, there is one thing you can do, learn about SEO proxies and decide to use them in your project. So, let’s start by seeing how are SEO proxies area really used by successful developers, webmasters and marketers. Following, we will see three reasons for which you should consider using SEO proxies for your projects. And afterward, you will see why people are scared of using SEO proxies in their projects. Without further ado let’s start by seeing how are SEO proxies used.

How are SEO proxies really used?

The main reason for using SEO proxies is to actually improve the SEO score of a website by performing various SEO tasks through these proxies.

However, the way of using SEO proxies is not important for the moment, because there are countless ways of using them. What is important to remember, for the moment, is that SEO proxies are used in one of the most competitive domains in the world. They have been used successfully and they are still used, yet not many people know how to use these proxies.

Generally, they are used by webmasters when they need to perform various tasks that require a large amount of IP addresses. Such as scraping search engines for guest blogs opportunities or forums. In addition, SEO proxies are also used for various online tasks where there is no need to connect or login accounts to perform certain tasks. This is the important factor that you need to remember. You can use SEO for tasks where there is no need to connect accounts to large online services such as social media platforms or e-commerce websites like sneaker selling websites or For these type of platforms, there are other types of proxies you can use, such as social media proxies or sneaker selling websites.

Furthermore, let’s see three reasons why you should use SEO proxies.

3 Reasons to use SEO proxies for your website

1. Get more backlinks through SEO proxies

The main reason for using SEO proxies is to get more backlinks. Once your website gets more backlinks, either through SEO proxies or not, you can expect search engines to improve your website’s SEO score and its ranking for various keywords.

Usually, SEO proxies are used here to scrape search engines for relevant websites where you can later post backlinks towards your website.

2. Improve your SEO score with reviews

Another great way of using SEO proxies is to reach review websites through them so you can post positive reviews on them. In the same way, as a backlink works, a review will improve your website’s ranking but to a lesser degree. Thus, once you have bought SEO proxies, you can start using them both for creating backlinks and reviews.

3. Diversify your backlink profile

Another way of using SEO proxies, and neglected by many is to diversify your backlink profile. This means using SEO proxies after you have developed your backlink profile and established your website’s ranking position. In this case, you will need to use SEO proxies create only a limited number of backlinks. Backlinks that will improve your ranking not by their numbers, but by diversifying your SEO score.

Why don’t people use SEO proxies? One simple reason

As mentioned above, not every webmaster out there is using SEO proxies. Moreover, many developers and webmasters are actually scared of using SEO proxies. They are scared because they do not understand SEO proxies, their use and their benefits.

Usually, SEO proxies are misinterpreted because of the lack of resources and information regarding how they are used and how they should be used by developers and webmasters. However, you should consider using SEO proxies. Even if you do not start using them straight away. You can experiment with them and test them on a dummy website. You can set a test website and then use these private proxies for SEO both through an automation SEO tool such as ScrapeBox or manually, by connecting them one by one through a browser. In this case, we recommend you use Mozilla Firefox. Moreover, you can start experimenting only with a small SEO proxies package or several IPs. You can start with them and get accustomed and then once you are comfortable using these proxies, you can buy more proxies, develop your setup further. And even start using SEO proxies for your main websites.

 Thursday, February 15, 2018

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