Everybody talks about private proxies and dedicated proxies, but there are also semi-dedicated proxies that a lot of developers and marketers use in their setups to improve or scale it. This is why we think you should learn and know more about semi-dedicated proxies. Even if your project doesn’t need them and you need more dedicated, virgin proxies, you still need to know about semi-dedicated proxies and how they are used. You need to know the difference between semi-dedicated and private, dedicated proxies to know which ones to choose for your business.

What are semi-dedicated proxies

Semi-dedicated proxies, just like dedicated ones are private proxies. But the only major difference is that semi-dedicated ones are not used by only one user like the private proxies are. These proxies are used by two or more users, usually less than four.

Therefore, an IP of a semi-dedicated or share proxy is used by several users to send queries and connect to other online services. You can think of semi-dedicated private proxies as a shared network, in the same way, that people use the wi-fi network of an office or coffee shop. And while this brings several benefits like cheaper proxies, it also has some drawbacks, which we will talk about later on.

Difference between semi-dedicated proxies and dedicated ones

As mentioned above, the major difference is that semi-dedicated proxies are used by several users at the same time. This means split costs between these users, as the proxy provider splits the semi-dedicated proxies costs between a set number of users.

At the same time, this also means shared performance, as the proxy server can handle a set number of threads for each IP. Therefore, when several users connect to the same shared proxy server, to the same IP, the performance, speed and connection are shared between them.

In addition, another issue that shared, semi-dedicated proxy users, need to take into account is the IP history of other online services. For example, if a user uses the semi-dedicated proxy to connect to social media. And at the same time, another user abuses the same shared IP on the same network, the social network on which these users connect will ban the IP and block any accounts connecting from it. This is why, it is recommended never to use shared IPs for tasks that involve account login to major online services, like social networks or e-commerce websites. It is best to avoid using these proxies when you need to connect accounts online. For that, you can use social media proxies or shopping proxies.

How are semi-dedicated proxies use?

So, how are semi-dedicated proxies used? Usually, these proxies are used for performing online tasks where one doesn’t need to connect accounts. Such as scraping and crawling websites. This is where you can use semi-dedicated proxies without any issues. As there is no online service banning a scraper’s IP if it connects to it without login an account.

Proxy servers locations and other technical aspects

Before we look at the new ways, or ideas, in which you can use semi-dedicated proxies, we need to clarify something. Most users will think that semi-dedicated proxies have a special server or there are coming from various servers. Actually, the opposite is the truth. Se-mi dedicated proxies use the same performant proxy servers that private, dedicated ones use. There is no difference between the proxy server or one type of proxy and another. The only difference is how semi-dedicated proxies are used, which is they allow the connection of multiple users. So, if you need both private proxies and semi-dedicated ones, you should not be concerned about the proxy server used.

New ideas for using semi-dedicated proxies

Now the fun part. New ideas of using semi-dedicated proxies offer just a new dimension on how to use these proxies. For example, you can use these cheap shared proxies to perform other online tasks that do not need account login.

For example, you can use semi-dedicated proxies for tasks such as doing PR, reviews and improving your website’s or company’s online brand and image. At the same time, you can use these cheap shared proxies for performing manual SEO tasks such as commenting on selected online domains where you do not need a scraper. And the only thing you need is to perform them are various IP from different locations from around the United States or the world, such as semi-dedicated proxies offer.

 Wednesday, February 14, 2018

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