Are people really afraid of private proxies? We think they are. Just ask webmasters if they use private proxies and they will have a strange long look on their face. Not only they do not use private proxies, but they have never considered using them because they are actually afraid of them. So, let’s begin and write this article on why people are afraid of proxies and private proxies. We are going to consider a few reasons for which some won’t use private proxies and have never used them. And probably, until the end, they will see that there is nothing wrong with private proxies. And that anybody can use them without any issues.

Private proxies are used as a magic formula

Some say that to use private proxies you need to know a magic formula for using them. Or that you need to consider certain gimmicks and special tricks to use them. However, this is not the case with private proxies. All you need to know is that private proxies are a tool, just like a VPN or a CDN. You use them to perform certain tasks. There is nothing wrong with them and you can simply use them straight away. Nobody needs to be a wizard to use private proxies.

It takes time to understand proxies

Indeed, for understanding anything you need either a bit of time to do research or to actually use it. In the same manner, private proxies need to be used for better understanding them. But, there is no steep learning curve. Let’s see why: Private proxies are sold as a list of IPs with PORTs and login details. So, if you want to see how a proxy is used, you can use Mozilla Firefox. You can set it up to channel your traffic through private proxies. It’s just that simple. No extra time needed to understand the inner working of a private proxy server. All you need to know is that private proxies divert your traffic through a proxy server. And online, web services will see you as browsing the proxy IP. Thus, they will not know your real location and IP. This is all you need to know about private proxies.

Using private proxies is too technical

If you want to set your own proxy server, indeed proxies are too technical. However, this is not the case with just using them. So there is no technical knowledge required for using a private proxy. The same as there is no technical knowledge required to use a VPN client or installing and using iTunes, there is no technical knowledge required to use and set private proxies into a tool that supports them.

You could get ban or blocked

This is a real issue only if the following aspects are true. You could get a ban if you use private proxies to abuse an online service. For example, if you use Facebook proxies to span Facebook, it is a matter of time until both the proxy’s IP and your Facebook account will be blocked.

Or you could also get a ban if you are using faulty proxies or shared proxies instead of using virgin ones. Therefore, nobody should be afraid of getting banned or blocked if they do not use their proxies for spamming or using faulty proxies.

Don’t know who private proxies are used

This is true for all online tools that you need to use to interact with other services. If you don’t know how to use them, you might not get the desired results and you will not understand how they are actually working. Thus, instead of being afraid of private proxies and their „magic formula” use, learn how they could help you and start experimenting with them. Because once you know how to use them, you will be able to actually find a use for them.

Proxy use creates complexity

This issue is straight out of sci-fi. But there is a little bit of truth in them. For example, you could use private proxies without increasing the complexity of your system. However, this is not the case for most systems and projects. Indeed, proxies will use increase your system’s complexity but this doesn’t mean they will make the system that complex that is hard to understand it. For example, you should consider that private proxies require a certain setup, but this setup it is a straightforward one. Meaning it doesn’t get too complex for somebody to handle and understand it. In simple terms, it just ads one extra layer to your system. But private proxies don’t make the rest of the system more complex.

 Friday, February 9, 2018

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