If you are in the business of coping sneakers through sneaker proxies, both your sneaker bot and sneaker proxies are important factors for your setup. Moreover, if one of them is not set correctly, you risk your business to not be as profitable as it should be. This is why you should focus your attention on not getting any so-called fake sneaker proxies for your business. You risk not being able to cop sneakers or other limited edition items as you should be. And in the end not having enough merchandise to sell it.

What are sneaker proxies

If you already are coping sneakers online, you know what sneaker proxies are. However, if you are just starting now and do not know what sneaker proxies are, you should know that they are private proxies used for coping online sneakers.

These proxies are usually virgin proxies. This means they have never been used before for coping sneakers. Thus, once you start using them, you have the certainty that they are not banned. Thus, your coping will not be limited to the online stores where you want to do your coping.

Also, you should know that when buying sneaker proxies, you will get them the same way as getting any other private proxies. You will receive a list of all your proxies’ IPs, ports, and login details. Moreover, because these private proxies are shipped the same way as any other proxy packages raises an issue for those looking to buy them for the first time. This issue is caused by the fact that some providers will abuse this issue and either ship you bad proxies or proxies that do not work. Thus, they will sell fake sneakers. We will get back to this is a minute. But first, let’s see how good, working virgin sneakers are sold.

Good sneakers proxies packages

A good proxy package composed of sneaker proxies sells with the whole IP range. This is why professional proxy providers sell proxy packages compose of minimum 250 IPs per package.

This proxy package size can be considered an insurance for you and your sneaker coping business because sneaker selling websites are very restrictive. And upon noticing suspicious behavior coming from one IP, they will bad that IP’s whole range. Thus, even if you use only ten or twenty proxies for your coping bot, you need the rest of the IPs to make sure they are not allocated to somebody else. Thus, they will not be flagged by another user. And subsequently, block the entire IP range and your proxies’ IPs included.

This is why professional proxy providers sell sneaker proxies in whole IP ranges. And this why, when buying sneaker proxies you should consider buying a whole range of IPs rather than going for the proxies sold with less than that number.

Are there any „Fake” sneaker proxies

As the private proxy industry sells private proxies, the only differentiation between proxies is how they were used before and if their IPs are virgin or not. This is what makes a proxy different than another. Moreover, you should consider this as the ability that the proxy has to do its jobs and connect you successfully to the online service you need.

So, to consider if there are any fake sneaker proxies, you need to think if the proxy package you are sold is worth buying if the provider sells it in packages of 20 or 30 IPs. In this case, the proxies you buy come with a chance of getting blocked by somebody else using the rest of the IP range. Therefore, yes! There are fake sneaker proxies and you should avoid buying proxies for sneakers if they are not sold at least in packages comprised of whole ranges of IPs.

How getting bad sneakers proxies affect your business

By now, it should be clear why bad or fake sneaker proxies affect your coping business. If your sneaker bot can’t connect and make purchases when you are trying to cop during the limited time windows that limited edition items are on sales, you could lose the opportunity to buy inventory. And thus, you won’t be able to have the merchandise required for selling. This is why you should not buy sneaker proxies in packages of 20 or 30 proxies, instead, you should buy packages composed of an IP’s whole range. 

 Thursday, February 8, 2018

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