Online success it’s all about traffic. The way you get the traffic, how much it costs you and how much of that traffic converts into real sales. This is why thinking about how to get traffic to your blog, website or online store should be one of the main focus areas for you. And in the same way, we think you should consider using SEO private proxies. They can help you increase your traffic by expanding your backlinks and online mentions. Therefore, read the seven ways SEO private proxies can help you increase your traffic sources. At the end of the article, you will have a clear picture of how and why SEO proxies are a must for most websites.

1. Use SEO proxies with scrapebox

One of the best ways of using SEO proxies is with SEO tools, such as Scrapebox. With this tool, you can leverage the power of SEO proxies to reach new domains by scraping online search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Yandex. Some with consider that Scrapebox comes with its own proxies and there is no need to add new proxies. However, as Scrapebox proxies are free proxies, most of them are too busy, won’t respond or they will not connect you at all. This is why, it is better to „sprinkle” a few SEO proxies around your Scrapebox proxies, just to make sure you can actually connect and scrape the search engines at hand.

2. Buy SEO proxies to create backlinks

Buying SEO proxies to use just for connecting Scrapebox is not a great strategy. One will need to actually bring an improvement to its website’s backlink profile in order to improve its SEO score. And one way to do this is by using either Scrapebox or manually using SEO proxies to increase the number of backlinks a website has.

You can create backlinks to your blog by using SEO proxies for Scrapebox to scrape for relevant domains. And once these domains are found, you will then use again the private proxies for SEO to either post through Scrapebox or manually by accessing these domains in your browser and then connecting to them.

3. Get SEO proxies for Quora and Reddit

Another great way of generating traffic to your blog is by using Quora and Reddit. You can do this by answering on Quora and inserting, in the answer, links towards your website. Furthermore, you could do the same way with Reddit, just answer questions on some of their subreddits. Now, the question of how using private proxies for SEO with Quora and Reddit should work? You can use proxies to create questions when there are not enough questions for you to post answers with backlinks in them.

4. Research your competition with private proxies for SEO

Another great way of using private proxies for SEO is to use them for researching your competition. You can do this through various ways. But one simple method is to actually access your competition’s webpage and check if they render different results for different areas of the US or for different parts of the world.

5. Check rankings with various SEO proxies

It is no wonder any more that Google returns results based on the location of the person performing the search. This is why you could use SEO proxies from various server locations from around the United States to check your website’s and your competition’s websites searching ranking. You only need to insert your private proxies for SEO in your Mozilla Firefox browser and you will be able to check how your website is ranking for different keywords for different parts of the online world.

6. Create a scraping tool for your niche

Another great way of using SEO proxies is to actually create a scraper for your niche and perform the scraping through your SEO proxies. You can do this and actually use this scraper on your website as an extra service. Furthermore, you could even monetize it.

7. Learn to use SEO proxies for websites reviews

Very few people consider using SEO proxies for review websites. All you need to do is to buy SEO proxies and use them either manually or through an automated tool to post reviews for your website on review websites. And as there are many review websites, you could just focus on the most important ones, such as TrustPilot or ReviewCentre. Regardless of which website you will use SEO proxies, you can increase your traffic by improving your website’s ranking through constant positive reviews.

 Wednesday, February 7, 2018

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