We continue our series of shopping proxies and after explaining already in a couple of our previous articles what are shopping proxies, we are going now to show nine reasons why one should buy shopping proxies. This article is for those who want to cop online sneakers but do not want to do it with private proxies for shopping, but want to do it with other private proxies. So, without further ado, let’s begin and see what are the reasons why you should buy shopping proxies.

1. Shopping proxies are guaranteed to work

This reason should be enough for anyone thinking of using regular private proxies for their online coping of sneakers. However, not many consider it and end up using private or shared proxies, their coping is limited and they lose opportunities to cope a large enough amount of pair to sell later on.

Instead of using regular proxies, shopping proxies should be used. These proxies are allocated for this reason alone. Meaning that once you receive your shopping proxies, you can start coping with them and sending requests to your online stores.

2. Shopping proxies are virgin private proxies

Another great aspect that many users neglect it completely is that shopping proxies are virgin private proxies. This means that not only they are working proxies, but they have never been used before. Thus, once you connect through them and start sending queries and purchasing orders, you know with certainty that nobody used them before.

These two reasons alone should justify the price difference and why one should buy shopping proxies to increase his chances of getting more sneakers pairs online. And should disregard completely using any other kind of private proxies for coping online sneakers.

3. Shopping proxies are sold as whole ranges of IPs

This is one of the things that many users are baffled and confused. They do not know why shopping proxies are sold as a whole range of IPs. However, the reason is simple. When you buy shopping proxies, you get a whole range of IPs to protect your shopping proxies from other users.

Shopping websites are very restrictive and upon detecting suspicious behavior coming from IP address, they will ban and block that IP’s whole range. Thus, to protect and isolate your proxies from other users, when buying shopping proxies you will receive the whole IP range. In this way, nobody will accidentally block an IP and rend your proxies useless.

4. You can use shopping proxies for other purposes

This is self-explanatory. Shopping proxies are virgin private proxies. Therefore, they have never been used. So they have a clean history and clean IP address for most online services. Therefore, when connecting your shopping proxies to any other online service, you will be granted access and there will be no restrictions. Thus, for a limited time, although not recommended, you can use your shopping proxies for other purposes as well.

5. Other private proxies won’t work

As mentioned above, you need to use shopping private proxies because other private proxies won’t work for coping online proxies. This is why you should only buy shopping proxies for coping online products.

6. Their IPs are not banned

They are virgin proxies, as we mentioned above, therefore their IPs are not banned. And they can be used with most shopping websites without any restrictions.

7. Two ways of authenticating

One way or another, most shopping proxies are used with an automation tool to send queries online. However, this implies that shopping proxies should accept the tools' way of connecting and authenticating. This is why shopping proxies have two ways of connecting. You can connect your automation tools through either IP:PORT authentication or through ID:PASS. It doesn’t matter which one your tool supports it because shopping proxies allow you to connect either way.

8. You can use them with automated sneakers bots

From the point above, we reached this point. And, indeed shopping proxies can be used with most automated sneakers bots. And you can do so as long as these your shopping bot allow concurrent connections through different IP addresses. Therefore, before buying your shopping or sneaker bot make sure that it supports proxies.

9. Fast proxies and great uptime always

Buying shopping proxies is really worth it only if you need to use them for a set period of time to make multiple purchases at the same time. This is why they need a great uptime, close to 99.99% of the time and great speed. Because they are useless if you can’ connect through them when a sneaker coping period begins. This is why sneaker proxies have a great uptime and are some of the fastest proxies available today. 

 Saturday, February 3, 2018

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