If you started using private proxies recently, one overwhelming thing that you probably noticed is the multitude of private proxy providers and their offerings. With the confusion created and because some proxy providers are not serious businesses, we decided to create a list with seven early signs for detecting a bad proxy provider. This is why you should read this article and studying all the signs. And apply all this to your actuall proxy provider or to your future proxy provider, if you are still looking for one.

1. The private proxies provider answers late to your pre-sale and post-sale ticket

A clear sign to detect a bad business is how they are treating their customers. If the proxy provider doesn’t answer your online queries and you can’t reach them fast then you should not consider it.

This is important because if you buy special use private proxies and they do not work, you will need to contact them. And if contacting them takes a long period of time, your chances of actually getting working proxies for your project diminish.

2. Limited number of private proxies packages

Another sign that your proxy provider is not fit for your needs is when they have a limited number of proxy packages. This becomes an issues especially if you need your proxies to access only a certain website or if you need your private proxies to reach certain online platforms. The issue here lies in the fact that you will probably need working proxies such as special use ones, for example social media proxies. And if your provider doesn’t sell such proxies, then they’re not the good one for you.

3. Their proxies won’t stand the Google test

What is the Google test? It’s a simple test that you can perform by using a proxy manually and connecting it to Google through your browser. If by accessing google.com your browser triggers a captcha verification, it means that the proxy you are testing is blocked on Google because most certainly was used for SEO purposes. Therefore, if their proxies are banned of Google, you should proceed with caution. Or you should ask other proxies for your project.

4. Slow proxies and poor connection

Another issue with private proxies from not so well-regarded providers is that their proxies are slow and have poor connection. You can test this through an online proxy checker that will test your proxies connections verify if the connections are poor and the private proxies speed is low.

5. Their online and forum reviews are terrible

Another great way of testing if the proxies you want to buy are great and working for your business is to actually check the proxy provider’s review on forums. You can do so by checking their review sections.

Usually this is a clear indication of both the proxy provider’s business practices and as well as how great their products really are. For example, if you find many people complaining about their proxies uptime and connectivity, you should disregard this proxy provider as a viable one. And you should look for another one.

Morever, it is recommended to never look for the positive reviews because you don’t need to know what works great. You need to know what doesn’t work great and what are the issues that you will probably have to face if you decide to buy private proxies from this provider.

One more factor to take into account is that even the best proxy providers will have bad reviews sometimes. Therefore, you should look and consider reviews talking about issues that could actually affect your business or project

6. Private proxies for everything

You already now that there is no perfect private proxy provider. And you should never consider a provider selling and advertising his private proxies as working for anyone.

You can’t expect that a simple private proxy sold by this provider should allow you to do both SEO tasks and connect to social media platforms. Therefore, always look for private proxies that have private proxies for special use. In this way, when buying special use private proxies, you have the guarantee they will work.

7. Limited number of proxy server locations

This is not an aspect that could impact your usage of private proxies, unless you need classified ads proxies. However, the main issue here is not that the provider has a few proxy locations. The issue here lies with the providers proxy IP’s pool. Becuase if the provider has only a few proxy servers, chances are that his IP pool is limited as well.

 Friday, February 2, 2018

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