If you look on some of the best online private proxy providers, you will see they mention virgin proxies quite a lot. However, not many users understand what these virgin private proxies are. This is why you should always consider how to use them and where. This is why, in this article, we are going to show five creative ways in which you can use virgin proxies for your project or business.

What are virgin dedicated proxies?

Virgin dedicated proxies are exactly what they suggest they are. They are private proxies never used before. And upon buying them, you are the first user to which these proxies are allocated to.

They are similar to any other private proxies, but their main advantage is that they have never been used before and they will not cause any connectivity issues when trying to connect to more restrictive online platforms such as social media networks or sneaker selling websites or even ticketing websites.

How are dedicated proxies usually used

These virgin dedicated proxies are used mostly to connect to restrictive websites such as social networks or any other online platform that require accounts to login and take into consideration the IP address from where they have connected.

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that you can use these virgin dedicated proxies as you find fit. There is no set rule on how to actually sell them. This is why, bellow, you will find five creative ways of using this dedicated proxies.

1. Use dedicated proxies for research

One neglected way of using dedicated virgin proxies is for research. This doesn’t mean these proxies should be used for scientific research. No! This means using dedicated proxies for doing keyword research or marketing research. The advantage of these virgin dedicated proxies is that they have IPs from various locations and you can check the SERP for your keywords as they appear in Google searches for that particular country or area. For example, if you are located in London but you need to do keyword research and retrieve the SERP ranking for google.com for Miami, you can use a Florida IP and then connect to google.com.

2. Manage your social media contacts

You can use virgin dedicated proxies to manage your social media accounts. Moreover, you can actually subcontract your social media management to managers from other countries. And to avoid any verifications you can use a dedicated virgin proxy to connect the account to the social network.

However, if you plan on automated several social media accounts, you should use social media proxies.

3. Perform SEO tasks

If you buy virgin dedicated proxies for research, you can also use them for SEO tasks to post online comments and forum posts with links pointing towards your business. However, you should consider doing SEO tasks through virgin proxies only if you do it manually.

If you plan on automating your SEO, then you will need a larger pool of IPs and you should buy SEO proxies and use them alongside your virgin dedicated proxies.

4. Improve your business’s rating score

With great power comes great responsibility. This is the case of virgin dedicated proxies as well. For example, if you plan on using dedicated proxies for marketing, you can use them for review websites and improve your business’s rating scores by accessing your business profile pages. In this way, you can improve your business score. And every time a visitor will check the reviews of your business he or she will create a positive image of your business.

5. Use them for your second browser

One great way of using virgin dedicated proxies for your business and personal privacy is by using them with a second browser through which to do most of your internet browsing.

As we know, Facebook, Google and other websites track every aspect of your online lives. And if you are using a browser like Google Chrome, you can say goodbye to your online privacy. This is where virgin dedicated proxies come in handy. You can use these proxies, with their clean history and IP to connect and browse the web anonymously. You can do this by using two browsers. For example, you can use Google Chrome to open all the websites where you need security and safety, such as PayPal or your social media accounts. And then you can use Mozilla Firefox and connect through a private dedicated proxy to surf the web.

Nobody will manage to track your online behavior because you will connect to online services through one IP, your home IP. And then use the dedicated proxy, with another IP to surf anonymously. 

 Thursday, February 1, 2018

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