To effectively use shared proxies, or semi-dedicated proxies you need to follow certain guidelines. You need to do so because, even if you use the cheapest available proxies, you still need them to perform well and bring you a benefit. This is why we consider you should use shared proxies and have in mind a few things. So, let’s see ten tips on how to use shared proxies successfully.

1. Define where you are going to use shared proxies

One thing you need to consider is where and how you are going to use your shared proxies. You need to know this from the very beginning. And also you need to make sure you know this and you can actually use shared proxies for your tasks. For example, if you need private proxies for social media but you buy shared proxies, both your social media campaign and your marketing will suffer. So it is best to focus on getting shared proxies only where you need them and there are no other dedicated proxies available, such as social media proxies or classified ads proxies.

2. Set your shared proxies budget

Shared proxies are cheap. But it is important to set your proxies budget. In this way when you will find the best proxy provider for your shared proxies, you can actually get the proxies you need and stick to your budget.

There is no recommended budget for shared proxies purchase. However, you need to set a budget and make sure you stick to it.

3. Prepare to refresh your IPs

One tip you need to know when buying shared proxies is that you can always refresh your proxies IP. You can do this by simply asking the proxy provider to send you other IPs for your shared proxies.

Chances are that you need shared proxies to perform a large volume of queries, thus some IPs will be banned. Therefore the best thing you can do when such a thing happens is to ask your provider for an IP refresh. For example, if you have ten shared proxies, your provider to retrieve your proxies’ IPs and issue you other ten IPs, free of charge if you do it in the set period of time allowed for such actions.

4. Track your shared proxies connections and performance

Another factor important to your shared proxies success is to track your performance and shared proxies used. You need to do so in order to improve your shared proxies use and to eliminate and unnecessary costs.

5. Don’t go for the price

One thing you should consider is that you shouldn’t go for the price of your shared proxies only. You should consider also other aspects when buying shared private proxies. One such aspect should be the reviews of the proxy provider. You need to make sure you get working shared proxies from a reliable provider. In this way, you will avoid any future issues with you shared proxies or proxy provider relationship.

6. Allocated shared proxies for experiments and tests

You shouldn’t allocate all your shared proxies for experiments and tests. However, you should also consider how to use a part of your shared proxies to improve your online performance. This is why you should allocate a few of your shared proxies to experiment and test further the limits of your proxies use.

7. Know when yo use your shared proxies

This is an important element. You need to know when to use your shared proxies. For example, every online task shouldn’t be performed on a permanent basis. You need to know when to perform certain tasks and how to actually do it. For example, you should limit the number of requests passing through your proxies and actually use them only for a few hours each day.

8. Don’t connect important accounts

By all means, do not use your shared proxies to connect social media accounts. Use appropriate, special use proxies for such tasks. Using shared proxies to connect such accounts you risk getting the accounts blocks. And in the long run, blocked accounts due to shared proxies could cost you more than buying special use private proxies.

9. Don’t abuse your shared proxies

Never buy an online product and abuse it by sending spam or too many requests. In the same way, you should never abuse your shared proxies. Use a few proxies to test their limits, but never abuse them.

10. Automate tasks through shared proxies

One great way of using shared proxies is to actually implement them into an automated tool to perform online tasks. Shared proxies are great for developing automated tools. They are cheap, so if you are in the experimentation stage, you can always ask for other proxies’ IPs if your tool didn’t perform as expected.

 Thursday, January 25, 2018

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