Are you a small business owner or have you just started your entrepreneurial journey? And at the same time, do you need SEO proxies to make your business stand up and rank ahead of your competition? Then you need to know how to use SEO proxies for your business. Thus, here we are with six great tips you need to follow and implement in your SEO strategy in order to distinguish your business and stay one step ahead of your competition if you plan on ranking your business’s website.

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What are SEO proxies? These are private proxies used to perform SEO tasks such as scraping search engines for relevant, niche specific blogs and forums where you can do your SEO tasks later on. Another thing you can do with your SEO proxies is to post comments with links and relevant content on the blogs and forums you just found by using your SEO proxies to scrape search engines. This is how social media proxies can be used. But, it is worth mentioning also what are they needed.

Well, they are needed because scraping search engines and posting comments on niche relevant blogs is query intensive. And without using social media proxies, you risk blocking the IP address of your server or PC. This is why private proxies for SEO are used. To avoid this and to divert your query through multiple IP address and locations. And these are the six tips you need to follow when using SEO proxies.

1. Start by buying SEO proxies and testing them

You can start by simply buying your private proxies from a proxy provider like IPLease and then focus on using these proxies as you find fit. First, after you buy your SEO proxies, you need to test them.

Online you will find a proxy tester and checker software. However, it is also recommended that you test your proxies manually. This manual testing involves accessing each proxy IP and testing it’s IP location by accessing an IP verification website. Also, you can test its speed through Speed test services. And also access Google and other search engines through each proxy to make sure they are not banned or trigger captcha verification.

2. Learn and experiment

After you buy your SEO proxies, it is time to start learning and experimenting with them. You can experiment by simply starting a small side-project and verify how your proxies work and what are the actual steps you need to take to perform SEO through private proxies.

This is a crucial step because you need to learn and master the use of SEO proxies. You need to know what and how to use SEO proxies before you even consider testing them on your business. Thus, once you move your proxy usage on your real business you know how to handle every aspect of private proxy for SEO use.

3. Get professional advice if needed

Are you stuck with your SEO efforts and you do not know how to proceed with your SEO proxies? Then you can ask for advice. Everybody will be more than helpful to help you. You can either hire an SEO audit to check your website’s SEO or you can check guidance on SEO forums.

On forums, the advice is free, therefore you have to make sure you "filter" all you see and hear. And also, you should test and question every advice you are given by SEO forum users.

4. Consider the quality of your SEO

Google and other search engines stopped considering the volume of backlinks as the main indexing factor. They have started focussing on other aspects such as the quality of backlinks and from where they originated.

Thus, if you plan on using SEO proxies for your business, once you have your scraped relevant domains, make sure you reach and link only from the better websites and blogs. Do not accept every link that your tool scraped through SEO proxies.

5. Set goals based on reality

The game of SEO and private proxies for SEO use is not an easy one. Moreover, the results are never visible right away. And all you have to do is to make sure your business and SEO goals are aligned with reality. This means that you should set goals that are manageable. And at the same time expect SEO results to take a long time to show up. Using SEO proxies is not a quick, over the night formula.

6. Start small

This advice should be taken for every aspect of your business. When in doubt start small. This is the same with your private proxies for SEO use. Buy only a few SEO proxies and start small. And once you are comfortable enough, start buying some more. 

 Wednesday, January 24, 2018

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