Have you ever considered using Instagram for your business? This does not mean using Instagram business accounts. They do not exist yet. However, you can use one Instagram account or several Instagram accounts to develop your own PR or marketing campaigns. And if you choose the later, you must buy Instagram proxies to be able to connect to more than one account and manage your accounts from the same location. Therefore, we are going to show you how to buy Instagram proxies and how you can develop an Instagram business network for your marketing campaigns.

Buy Instagram proxies from IPLease

First, if you plan on developing and running more than one account, you will need to buy Instagram proxies. With these proxies, you will have the opportunity to divert each account’s connection and behavior through a different IP. Therefore, there will be no connection drawn between your accounts. Thus, everybody will consider your business’s mentions and message as being organically shared between several accounts. Therefore, you can buy social media proxies for Instagram from IPLease.

Make sure your Instagram proxies are virgin

One factor important when deciding what Instagram proxies you must buy is the proxies’ history. You will need to buy virgin proxies for Instagram. In this way, you are assured that nobody used these proxies’ IPs to connect to Instagram previously. Therefore you make sure that your accounts will connect safely and securely to Instagram without any issues. And you will avoid any phone verifications or even bans from connecting to the network.

Setup your Instagram development machine

After you buy your Instagram proxies, it is time to deploy your setup. Besides your proxies, you will also need a social media automation tool, such as FollowLiker. Also, it is recommended you rent a VPS on which you will run your social media automation tool. In this way, your setup is not restricted to the time you have your PC turned on. Thus, with the help of a VPS, you can let your accounts connect and interact with other Instagram accounts on a permanent basis.

Instagram accounts to proxy ratio

Now, after you have installed your VPS, social media automation tool, it is time to connect your accounts through Instagram proxies. At this stage, many marketers and business owners make the mistake of connecting several accounts through each individual social media proxy for Instagram. However, this is not the way you will use Instagram proxies. Because if you connect five accounts through the same social media proxy, if one account is banned, you risk banning the other four accounts. Even if their behavior had no issues.

The common recommendation and a best practices standard are to connect only one account to each Instagram proxy. Therefore, you must follow the ratio of one Instagram proxy to one account. Thus, each account is limited and restricted to its own IP. In other words, when one account is blocked or banned, your other accounts will not suffer from it.

Develop an Instagram proxy strategy

Now, after you have developed your Instagram proxy setup and the infrastructure is in place, it is time to develop your social media strategy. At this stage, everything you know about marketing and social media should be put to use.

In other words, for each account connecting through social media, you must develop a list of targeted accounts to follow, posts and content to share and hashtags to use. Moreover, once you have done so, you must also schedule these posts. And as Instagram doesn’t allow scheduling, you will need to rely on your social media automation tool to provide this feature.

A starting sample of your Instagram proxies

The best way to start with Instagram proxies and social media marketing is to create an experimental sample. For example, you can start with a few accounts connecting through social media proxies. For example, you can use 10 Instagram proxies and connect 10 accounts. And through this 10 accounts, you can experiment, test limits, posts, targeted accounts to follow, follow-back ratio and so on. This could be your social media marketing sample. And with these few accounts, you can test the waters and see if social media marketing is the best approach for your marketing. If this approach is not suited for your business, then you will only lose less than $100. However, if this approach is suited for you, you can easily scale this setup. And later you can buy more Instagram proxies to setup more accounts and reach a larger audience.

 Thursday, January 18, 2018

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