If you have never considered buying Facebook proxies to start advertising online and promoting your business or a marketing campaign, we think 2018 is the year in which you should start to do so. With the latest news coming from the largest social media platform, you stand a chance of reaching more people with the help of social media proxies for Facebook than you could before.

Facebook’s big news for 2018 and beyond

Recently, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will change its feed’s algorithms to display less promoted content or business pages and display more posts from your friends.

So, if the feed will still be populated, but instead of promoted ads, somebody will see posts from their friends, I think some marketers are already starting to develop ways of reaching Facebook users. So, all they need now is to have Facebook accounts and become friends with as many people as possible.

This is where you can start taking advantage of these changes and inscrease the chance of reaching a larger audience than previously envisage. All you will need is to develop several Facebook accounts and develop a large friend base. For this you will need to buy Facebook proxies.

What are Facebook proxies?

Facebook proxies are social media proxies. These are private proxies. Moreover, actually they are virgin private proxies. This means they have never been used on the largest social network ever before. Therefore, when you buy Facebook proxies you make sure that you will be able to connect to the social network without any major issues. And no account will be restricted from login in or triggering phone account verification.

In addition, some will even consider buying only simple private proxies to use with Facebook proxies, however, we do not recommend this. Private proxies could be flagged on Facebok. And upon connecting an account through them you risk blocking that account. This is not the case when using Facebook proxies. In other words, when using Facebook proxies, you also have a guarantee that they should work and connect your accounts without any restrictions.

How can you use Facebook proxies?

You can use Facebook proxies in two ways. You can use them through your browser. In this instance, you will need to connect each account manually, access it and then perform each task manually.

The second way of using Facebook proxies is through a social media automation tool. In this particular instance, you will connect your accounts through a social media tool. And then implement your proxies for each particular account. In this way, you automate your accounts and every request they made will be diverted throught the allocated proxy IP.

For scalability, we recommend using the later method. Because you will be able to setup all your accounts and manage them from the same dashboard. And then divert each account’s traffic through Facebook proxies. When it comes to setting up, this automated setup is more of a set and forget type. As once you set your accounts, all you have to do is to focus on promoting your business.

How to promote through Facebook proxies?

The best way of promoting through your Facebook proxies is to actually set your accounts to follow as many friends as you find fit. And when you need to reach a larger audience, you can then get more social media proxies and develop other accounts.

Furthermore, once you have developed your accounts, you can start promoting through either sharing, which will reach your friends wall. As well you can promote through Facebook groups, where you can look for targeted groups and post niche specific content.

Where can you get your proxies for social media marketing

If you decided to buy Facebook proxies, you can get them from IPLease. We offer social media proxies for Facebook. These proxies are dedicated virgin ones. Therefore, you have the guarantee they will work on Facebook and you will be able to connect to the largest social network without any restriction.

Start experimenting with Facebook proxies

If you are not convinced of developing a social media marketing campaign through Facebook proxies, you can start with only a few accounts and Facebook proxies. For example, you can start with five accounts and manage them manually. In this way, the resources you invest are limited. But at the same time you can test the reach and response. And once you are convinced you can scale it and buy Facebook proxies for more accounts. 

 Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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