We all love a great game to relax a bit. But, have you considered making money off a game? And not by investing a large amount of money and time to create and develop the game, but to actually sell something within a popular game. Something that other players will be interested in buying in order to gain an advantage. You can do this with the help of gaming proxies and automated gaming accounts. If this is the first time you hear about gaming proxies and how to make money from them, then read this article and you will understand how to develop your own items to sell later on to other gamers.

What are gaming proxies?

Gaming proxies are private proxies used to bypass certain filters and firewalls. For example, if you plan on playing Pokemon GO or Conquer Online straight from your university campus, you might not be able to connect to the gaming servers. Most educational institutions enforce a firewall and limit access to gaming servers. However, if you buy gaming proxies, you will be able to divert your traffic through a private proxy and bypass your school’s restrictions on gaming servers.

Another great aspect of gaming proxies is that you can use multiple proxies to connect your PC and play at the same time with multiple games. For example, if you want to develop and automate ten accounts, you will not be able to do it from the same IP. You will need to divert each account’s actions and connections through a different IP so the gaming servers won’t block your access. So you will be able to develop an individual account per IP. Therefore, the more gaming proxies you will buy, the more IPs you will have and the more accounts you will be able to develop.

Where can you use gaming proxies?

As gaming proxies are private proxies, in theory, you can use these proxies to connect anything online. However, the best way to use gaming proxies is to connect accounts to Pokemon GO, Clash of clans, Conquer Online or Diable servers. These are games with online gameplay and are among the most popular games.

So, if you plan on making money out of your passion for gaming, you can use gaming proxies to develop accounts and sell them at a later date. Your setup will only need a server or VPS working 24-7 and an automation tool to automate your games. Moreover, for each gaming proxy you have bought for your setup, you can open an instance of the automation tool and set a different account to grow. In other words, for your ten private proxies for gaming you bought, you can automate and develop ten accounts at the same time.

Why do you need gaming proxies?

As mentioned above, you need gaming proxies to automate your accounts and divert each account’s traffic through a different IP. And once you have developed your multiple accounts and they have reached a decent level, you can sell them and make money.

For example, you can see the accounts developed through gaming proxies on online gaming marketplaces such as PlayerAuctions and IGVault. Here a developed account can sell up to $100. Therefore, you can develop accounts through your gaming proxies and sell them on these marketplaces.

What to do with your gaming proxies after selling the account?

The answer to this question depends on the accounts and games you want to develop. But the general rule is that you can keep your gaming proxies to develop other fresh accounts.

Moreover, you can also ask your provider for an IP refresh and they will issue new working IP for your gaming proxies. Therefore, you will be able to start with fresh IPs. In this way, even if it’s not necessary, you will be able to ring-fence your account’s behaviors and protect each one from any potential bans enforced on other accounts.

Another way of making money with gaming proxies

There is one other way fo making money with gaming proxies, but this is a more complicated way which will appeal to some people. This method of making money involves managing accounts on behalf of other people. It sounds strange, but there are people outsourcing their gameplay to other players, especially in the first stages of a game, where the gameplay is slow. Thus, you can develop accounts at to a certain level, based on the specifications of a player. And once you have developed these accounts, you can pass them to your clients. For this setup, you need gaming proxies to connect each account individually in order to protect it from other account’s behavior or issues that might arise. 

 Friday, January 12, 2018

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